2 month check up

Monday, VJ had her 2 month check up with her Doctor and we are happy to report that my month of “couch confinement” worked very well.  She is now 10 1/2 lbs, & 23 inches long.  She did great at the Doctor’s office (which she always does) and the Doctor said for us to keep doing the same thing.
One thing I mentioned was the fact that VJ wants to eat all of the time. Some days, she’ll eat every 3 hours, but most days, it’s every 2 hours.. sometimes less.  We’ve been giving her a bottle of formula every other day.. depending on our schedule and how she’s been acting that day.  It is because of this issue, I asked about solids. (yes, I know it’s soon.. that was my point) She said that maybe at 4 months, we can start her on fruits but we’ll have to wait until her next appointment to find out.  I’m glad she said that because I’m started to get people telling me she should be eating cereal now.
My baby can barely hold her head up…. much less eat cereal.  Now I can tell them what the Doctor said and they can leave me alone.. for another month.
Valentina has been growing fast in the last few weeks.  Her “beauty mark/whitehead” on her cheek has almost disappeared completely.  A few weeks ago, she was having some Tummy time when she decided she’d had enough and rolled onto her back.  Last week, I noticed that she was started to grab her burp cloth and hold it like a blankie.  So, I got some toys out and put them on her carriage.  It took a while for her to find out what to do but, she figured out that if she reached out to them, they rattle and spin.
My favorite thing so far is that she knows when I leave the room.  She’s usually ok but if I leave to prepare the couch to feed her, she’ll start crying… and then stop when I walk back in.  She is definitely a smart one… that’s for sure.  The other day, I was laying in bed with her, trying to get her to take a nap.  She kept spitting out her pacifier but, I knew she was sleepy.  I just laid there and she reach out and touched my chest.  She kept her hand there, tugging my shirt.  I laughed for a while until she looked up at me with her big brown eyes as if she was saying, “mommy… can i have some milk to help me sleep?”  I left the room to get a burp cloth, and when I came back in… she had a HUGE smile on her face.  I laid back down and she just kept smiling… knowing she was getting exactly what she wanted.
At 2 months, she’s keeping us entertained… and we can’t wait to see what she’ll be doing in the next few weeks!

2 thoughts on “2 month check up

  1. You'll get more advice than you ever want or need. Everybody wants in on the milestones. “Is she eating solids? What kinds of foods are you giving her? Has she rolled over? Does she crawl? Walking? Talking? etc.” Every child is different. You are her mother. You will know what she needs and when.

    We didn't start Rachel on solids until she was almost 6 months old. She started with oatmeal (instead of the usual rice), then vegetables and then fruits. But, we had to introduce daily prune juice early on for constipation. I'd always heard not to give juice until later.

    Anyway. No advice from me. She looks beautiful, smart and happy. You are doing great.


  2. So cute! Yes people are quick to give advice. But the rules are constantly changing. For A.J. they had us start solids at 4 months. For the girls, it wasn't until 6 months because they said feeding solids too early caused childhood diabetes. Not sure what it is now. I have always heard to introduce veggies before fruits so that they will learn to like veggies. That's what we did and it seemed to work. Not sure if it really matters but I guess it makes sense!


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