Festa di San Giovanni

June 24th- Here in Torino, it’s the Feast of St. John the Baptist, Patron Saint of the city.  It’s a big deal with festivities and fireworks.  I missed everything last year since I was in Texas but this year, I was able to enjoy the day.  Because it is a city holiday, a lot of people are off for work.  Carlo was home and he was able to spend the day with Valentina.  We didn’t attend any of the day’s events but, we went downtown to enjoy the fireworks.

Valentina was dressed in her brand new jeans that my mom got her
We met Flo & Jill, had some gelato and made our way to Piazza Vittorio Veneto for the show.
Valentina slept the entire time.. she didn’t even wake up when the fireworks started
there were soo many people.. but i thought it would be a lot more crowded
The fireworks were awesome, but I think next year, we’ll just stay home and watch them from the roof of our building.


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