Sad Mac

Do you remember the SATC episode where Carrie’s computer crashed?  The guy told her she had a Sad Mac.  Well, the same has happened to Carlo.  One day his computer was working, the next… it was dead.  Actually, it kinda works but he can’t see anything on the screen, but we do know it’s not his monitor.

This is the reason for my lack of blogging.  Carlo and I have been sharing my MacBook for over a month now and it’s been really difficult for him to work on his stuff when he’s constantly going back and forth between desks.  Lucky for him.. he backs up all of the time so nothing is lost and he can keep working but, he is definitely struggling without his precious G4 iMac Bubble.

Hopefully, the part he ordered will come in soon and it will be exactly what he needs to get it up and running.. otherwise we’ll be sharing for a very long time.

SATC: Carrie’s Sad Mac
and now.. in Italian!

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