Getting Crafty…

You’ve seen these…..
(photo courtesy of Anya’s Babyshop)
I think these headbands are just adorable! There’s something so sweet about a tiny baby with a big giant flower on her head!  I asked my mom to find some for me and the ones she found weren’t cute at all.  So, I asked a friend on Facebook about the ones she has for her daughter.  She mentioned to me that she buys the headbands on Ebay and then goes to the craft store and buys the flower and makes them  herself.
I hadn’t thought about it before but after hearing that, I decided to use my new knitting skills to good use!  My knitting doesn’t have to be limited to scarves anymore!  So, I went to the market and bought yarn and some fake flowers….
and ecco!… My sweet little baby now has the big giant flower on her head too!  You see, in Italy, there isn’t anything like this for babies.  You’d think we’d have a lot of cute stuff because well.. Italian are all about fashion but to tell you the truth… American baby clothes/fashion is much cuter than Italian.  I got tons of compliments on Valentina’s sleepers at the hospital. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on her outfits….
on her socks….
and even a simple hair bow gets a lot of attention.
so, you can imagine what kind of reactions we get with our new accessories!

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