Breast Feeding in Public…. because I CAN!

The other day, I posted a comment on Facebook about being able to breast feed in public and not have a blanket covering me or the baby.  This particular subject is quite a sensitive issue but I feel as if I should address it now that I am on of those ladies.  You know.. the ones you see in public with a baby attached to her chest.  Yes.. that’s me!  I honestly never thought I would do it but, after having given birth to a baby (and having a natural delivery) I feel as if it is my right to nurse in public!

At first I was very shy about doing it.  I even mentioned to Carlo that I would cover up anytime we had company over or if we were at someone’s house.  It’s how I grew up.  It’s how everyone in the US does it.  But I’m in Europe now.  Things are just a bit different here.  It’s so natural to see a mom nursing her baby at a cafe or while sitting on a bench in the middle of a Piazza.  So, when it was my turn to feed my baby, I had to do what was needed.  I had my parents with me and they kept covering me with a blanket the first time around.  I felt somewhat awkward but I didn’t want feel exposed… but after that, they also realized that everything here is a bit more relaxed.  I would nurse wherever and whenever I needed to.

feeding VJ at the metro station
(ps.. my mom took this picture)
metro station 
sitting in Piazza San Carlo
(Carlo took this picture)
I’d like to point out that I try to cover myself as much as possible with my shirt.  It was a chilly day and VJ needed to be covered with a blanket to keep warm.  But this is what I meant when I said… “I’m glad to live in a country where I can breastfeed in public and I don’t have to cover her/us with a blanket.”  I don’t think I’m exposing myself…. do you?

5 thoughts on “Breast Feeding in Public…. because I CAN!

  1. that is so awesome… I hate covering up. I don't ever cover up at home, just in public, and I hate it. You get all hot, sweaty and so does baby. Good for you, and V is a doll!!!


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