1st Mother’s Day

So far, motherhood is exactly what I thought it would be.  Pure joy and a lot of crying.. from the baby.  We’ve been lucky enough to have a “brava bambina” who only cries when I have to wake her up to feed her and when she’s extremely tired.  I know that will change soon but for now, I’m enjoying all of the quiet moments in our house.

Mother’s Day was exactly that…. quiet times with the baby and pure joy.  My parents were here during that time and I was lucky enough to have Valentina blessed at church that day.  I had asked my dad to do her blessing and since he’s NEVER done a blessing OR a baptism, I knew he might need some help.  I had asked the Elders in our ward to come over for dinner Saturday night and help my dad prepare for the next day.  We had a wonderful dinner prepared by me and my mom.. complete with homemade flour tortillas! (made by ME!!)

The Elders ate SO MUCH and I was grateful for that as well as their approach to our situation.  (situation = Carlo not being a member of the church and them NOT pushing anything on him!)

The next morning, we all got ready and I dressed Valentina in my white dressed that I wore when I was blessed.  My dad gave a beautiful blessing in Spanish so that most of the congregation could understand.  Everyone commented on how cute the baby look and how much they also enjoyed seeing Carlo and how supportive he was.  With all of the excitement and trying to not miss class, we didn’t take many pictures but we did get a few.

my parents, Valentina & I with the Elders
Valentina is Daddy’s little angel!
One thing I enjoyed is getting a box of gifts from the sisters at church.  Our Relief Society presidency is really good at remembering things and making everyone feel special.  One thing they do is give a box of goodies to the ladies in our ward when they have babies.  I loved that I feel so loved in RS and I’m a part of the ‘Mom’ Group!
toys, wipes, & bath items
and a few more clothes!
I tried to do a photo session with Valentina to try and get a picture of her wearing my dress.  I wanted to compare the two pictures.  I got some good ones and not so good one but I think this was one of my favorites…
she just looks to tiny here.
I have to say… my 1st Mother’s Day was amazing!

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