Adventures in Health Care: The Hospital Stay

Being a first time mother has really been difficult…. because I haven’t been able to blog!  I thought I’d have some time on my hands when the baby is sleeping but it turns out… that’s not true.  I’m trying just to maintain the housework or take a shower while she sleeps… when she actually does sleep and not wake up crying because she doesn’t want to be in her crib.

But now, she’s asleep in my arms… at least for the next hour when she wakes up to eat …. AGAIN!

So, now that I have a few minutes to spare, let me tell you (FINALLY) about my hospital stay.  As I wrote in this post, the hospital I had V at was… different than what I’m used to back home.  I was a bit nervous about the situation but it turns out that it had it’s good and bad parts.


GOOD:  You get to meet other women who are going through the exact same thing as you.  All natural births make for great bonding moments when you are encouraging the “newcomer” in the room.  You get to discuss your birth stories as well as frustrations when it comes to breast feeding, pain from the delivery & the lack of private bathrooms.  It’s also cool listening to the other moms talk to their babies in their own language.  I had quite the International room.  We were: 1 American, 1 Moroccan, 1 Italian & 1 Romanian.

BAD:  You are forced to make conversation with 3 other ladies.  Sometimes you may want to sleep or just sit in silence and marvel at your creation.  You also don’t have a quiet one-on-one time with your baby since the other 3 babies in the room could be crying and/or the mom’s are talking non-stop on their cell phones.


GOOD:  ………………… still trying to think of something………………

BAD:  Having to go to the bathroom down the hall is NOT cool.  Having to leave your baby and ask your roommates to watch her while you hurry and go isn’t easy.. Especially if you have to go “#2” and your constipated.  There’s always a sense that your baby is screaming at the top of their lungs while you’re away.  As for the shower…. it’s not fun having to yell that the shower is being occupied because someone is trying to force their way in.. even when the door is locked!


GOOD:  It’s always nice to have someone come visit you. Whether is my husband or MIL staying by my side during labor or our dear friends who came to visit V after she was born.  You also get to meet the other ladies’ family members and become good friends with them.  Not to mention the other people on the floor.  You end up seeing them quite a few times so, it’s natural to make friends with them as well.

BAD:  Being in labor and having some Moroccan people come and have a huge feast near your bed isn’t my idea of a good time. As much as I appreciate them offering me some chicken with couscous, it’s not what I want when I am in pain and having contractions every 4 minutes.


GOOD:  All the women in your room are doing it and some will even share in their frustrations, so it’s only natural to feel comfortable knowing that you are doing something wonderful and bonding with your baby.

BAD:  Having to watch one of your roommates while she’s in agony because her baby won’t eat is really uncomfortable.  Especially when she’s got warm compresses on her chest and is manually extracting milk to alleviate the pain.  Also breast feeding your baby during visiting hours is not cool.  I don’t like those Moroccans feasting on their pastries while I’m in the bed feeding my baby.


GOOD:  You are required to stay 4 days to recover from your delivery.  I never thought I would actually need that much time but I was wrong.  I slept a lot which is what I needed the most.  By the time I left, I walked home from the hospital because I felt to so good and refreshed.

BAD:  By day 2- I was ready to go!  It’s hard having your roommates go while you’re still there for the required amount of time.


GOOD:  They only come once a day to check your chart and ask you if you’re ok.  The Physician’s Assistants do all of the work.. even the delivery.  They’re the ones that come in and check your stitches and chart your progress for the Doctor to sign off.  The Pediatrician actually does come and make rounds every day to check the babies.

BAD:  ……………  still thinking of something………………

Overall, I was pleased with my care at the hospital and best of all….. it was all under the Government Insurance… which means.. I don’t have to pay for ANYTHING!!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Health Care: The Hospital Stay

  1. Wow! What an experience. Very different from mine. You are quite a woman going all-naturale! What a cute baby. LOTS of Hair! That's the best! Have lots of fun. At least you are out of the hospital now!


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