Date Night

This past Saturday, Carlo and I took the opportunity to have one last date before becoming “mom & dad.”  We decided to stay close to home just incase I went into labor so, we went to Le Due Torri.

Carlo had been here before and this was actually our 2nd time going to this Pizzeria.  Is this place delicious? Yes. Is it the best pizzeria in town? Not at all… but it’s fast!
2 minutes after we sat down, the waitress took our order.  Literally 1 minute later, our drinks arrived.
5 minutes after we ordered, our meal was brought to our table!  Of course, the food is made to order so, it’s not like they just have random Pizza sitting under a heat lamp.
I had been craving sausage & onions so, that’s what I ordered..
while Carlo had sausage & olives.
Instead of taking a walk to the nearest Gelateria, we decided to have dessert at the restaurant.
Panna Cotta is what Carlo ordered…
while I chose the “usual” which is Profiteroles
I actually like this place since it’s small and cozy and only takes us 15 minutes or less to get there.  Of course, since I’m waddling these days.. it took us a little longer than that.  The next time we go, we’ll have our little bundle of joy with us!
Le Due Torri Peschiera, 309

One thought on “Date Night

  1. I love the 2 towers, Tim Bailey and I went there many times. We are all waiting for your baby. Ciao



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