Necessity vs Luxury

As the birth of the baby approaches, we’ve been very blessed to have a lot of friends and family let us borrow things that they are no longer using.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the room to have everything that is being offered to us and are therefore having to pick and choose what we need to use and what can wait until later.  It is at this point that Carlo and I have this discussion regarding what is Necessary… and what is a Luxury.

It’s funny how we both feel that there are somethings that really aren’t worth buying and some that are just plain wasteful.  Of course quite of few items are a must and because we’re still a one income family, we’re having to save our pennies and therefore take what we can get from everyone else.  It’s easy to say that a “baby needs ________” when really it’s Mom who needs it more.  For example:

How important is it to actually have a changing table? I mean.. will my baby suffer? I think not!  We were offered one and I turned it down.  I was asked,”Where do you plan to change the diaper?” My response was… “uh.. the bed”  The look of shock on this lady’s face was hilarious.  She looked at me in disbelief that I would actually change a diaper on something other than a changing table.  For me, having a changing table was nice but, I can probably count on both hands and feet how many times I’ve actually seen a baby changed on one.  I’m sorry but, I’ve always changed my nieces and nephews (all 6 of them) on the bed or on the floor.  Of course we had carpet in the house so changing a baby on the floor is no big deal.  I don’t have carpet here so, there will be a lot of changing on the bed or laying down lots and lots of blankets to do it on the floor.

Next we have… the High Chair.  Same person as above offered us a High Chair which at this time is not necessary.  Again, Carlo and I discussed the actual need for a High Chair and while it will definitely be useful during feedings… Is it really necessary? What did our parents do? I know my parents had one but I don’t know if Carlo’s parents did.    I sometimes wonder who came up with things that these babies need.  I personally think it’s completely necessary but, some of these people will buy anything for their baby and try to justify it.  So, lady from above said she has a High Chair that she keeps at home for feedings.  Great! I’m happy she has room in her 1 bedroom house with 2 kids.  But unless the following doesn’t work out.. I think we’ll be ok.

And here’s why… We received this “table chair” for the baby.  Again, same person gave this to us.  Trying very hard to convince us that it’s so important to have not only a High Chair… but also this travel chair so that the baby can sit at the table when she’s at Nonna’s (grandmother’s) house or at a restaurant.  This chair basically has 2 clamps that you attach to the end of the table.  So, why would have I have this chair plus a high chair? Especially when we don’t have a car to constantly take this where ever we go?  Again… necessary or not?  What happened to the days where the baby just sat in your lap and got you dirty with the food their eating?

Next up in the Chair category is this little rocking chair.  This is what the Italians refer to as a “seggiolino” or “little chair”.  One of Carlo’s aunts let us borrow one and I have to say that so far, this is probably the most useful chair we will use.  Ours does not look like the one in this picture but, it’s quite similar.  It has 4 different positions to use at different stages.  It will be perfect for me to put the baby in when she’s awake and doesn’t need to be fed or held.  I can put her in it and gently rock her to sleep.  As she gets older, I can change positions and even feed her while she’s sitting in it.  See what I mean by all of these things that are good but not useful? Some yes… and some.. not so much.

I think for me, the biggest problem that I have regarding baby things is that everything is expensive… but no matter how what you think about American items being expensive, they don’t compare to prices in Italy.  The only thing we’re waiting for is a Stroller and car seat that a friend of mine is giving to us.  After reviewing some online and seeing them in the stores, I am grateful to Allison for giving us one.  I was recently on and saw that most Stroller/Car seat combos were starting at $200.  What a deal!!!  Here in Italy, you can’t find a stroller and car seat.  We have the Trio.  Which is the car seat, stroller and… the baby carriage.  Isn’t the stroller and the carriage the same thing?  Nope… it’s not.  You see… the car seat generally stays in the car while the baby is in the carriage.  It’s the baby carriage that is used during the first months… then of course making the transition to stroller.  These Trios are nice.. if you have the money to spend.. and when I say money.. I mean they start at €350 ($470 US) and go up to €1.000 ($1,340 US). Sadly, when Carlo and I saw the stroller we really loved, we quickly faced reality when we saw the price.  It was a Stokke Xplory and they are awesome! Here’s the link and check them out!

There are so many other things I have have listed such as a scale to weigh the baby to a blender that not blends the food but also homogenizes the food so, basically you make your own baby food.  Maybe another time… when I have more things being offered to me that I can turn down.

2 thoughts on “Necessity vs Luxury

  1. I'm right there with you. We don't have a high chair, but we do have a (travel) booster. We didn't get a “travel system” with Harrison because we knew we wanted an off-road stroller since I hardly ever go shopping, but I do go on lots of walks. So we had a baby carrier/carseat that didn't fit into out stroller. People were shocked…but it was what worked for me. We do have a play mat, an infant glider and a baby swing (I wasn't planning on getting a baby swing but someone gave it to us and it has been nice to have). You definitely do NOT have to have a changing table. I like ours (which is just a little Wal-mart one…not a giant dresser), but I do not think it is necessary. Anyways, I'm totally on the same side as you…most of this stuff is just what baby product manufacturers want us to think we need, not what we actually need. I'm also one of those people that is constantly trying to get rid of toys. My kid does not need so many toys…his favorite thing to do is blow bubbles and run around outside!


  2. Every time I change Rachel's diaper I think of this post. You are absolutely right. There are a lot of things that are billed as necessities when they are not. The changing table is definitely not a necessity. However, I wouldn't want to give up mine. The high chair takes up a lot of space. But, when Rachel's head and hands and legs are all moving I'm glad I have someplace to strap her in. You have to decide what is necessary for you.


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