Vive La France!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the French.  French fries, french bread… not so much of french dressing.  Ok.. so, I’m kidding about the fries and bread BUT.. not kidding about French people.  Both times that I have been to Paris, I have been treated very nicely and contrary to what Americans think, the Parisians that I’ve encountered have been quite pleasant. (maybe because I’m brown.. who knows)

I studied French in High School for 3 years and participated in Foreign Language competitions where I’ve done quite well in whatever I competed in. (i can’t remember that far back anymore)  I just really enjoy all things French.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of it anymore except for greetings or “J’aime ________.”

One thing I do know is how much I love me some Crepes!!  Especially when they’re made by a REAL Frenchman!  So a few months ago, when we received an invitation by our friends Jill & Florent to come by their place one Sunday afternoon for Crepes, we happily accepted!

It’s taking me a while to post about this because I had wanted to include the recipe for Crepes but, I couldn’t wait anymore. (i had to post these fabulous pictures!!)  Especially since this is a 2 part post.  So, Florent who is french made these fabulous Crepes and I can’t wait for him to teach me so I can make them too!

Our Crepes could have been filled with the our choice of items….
Nutella,  Raspberry marmalade, Maple Syrup, honey, & sugar & lemon.
One way that I NEVER KNEW the French eat Crepes is with sugar, then a squeeze of lemon
We asked Jill to show us how it’s done..
and it was AWESOME!!
-Part 2-
(2 months later)
Last Friday, we invited Jill & Florent to our place for after dinner drinks and they were kind enough to bring a dessert.
I’ve heard quite a bit about Flo’s Tarte Tatin and I was very excited to finally try it.
Since he is the master baker, I had Florent serve his famous dessert.
Let me just say that it was FANTASTIQUE!!
and now Florent has 2 recipes he needs to teach me!!

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