Ready and Waiting….

Dear Baby Girl….

It’s now 2 weeks & 2 days until your due date.  I just wanted to let you know that you can come at any time now.  We’re ready for you…. in fact, we’re waiting and hoping you’ll come early.  Papi has already been hard at work rearranging the bedroom to make room for your crib in our room.

He had a great idea of reorganizing the wardrobe in our room so that we could move the 2 bookcases down to the basement…..

We emptied everything and while I was trying to find a new place for my shoes and purses, Papi carried 1 bookcase down 10 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS (because it didn’t fit in the elevator).. then carried it down ANOTHER FLIGHT OF STAIRS into the basement only to realize that it wouldn’t fit and he would have to disassemble the entire bookcase.  Therefore, before taking the 2nd bookcase, he disassembled it in the hallway, then took it to the basement where he spent over an hour putting it back together and reorganizing the basement.
While taking the bookcase apart in the hallway, I emptied out a dresser so that Papi could move it next to the Wardrobe.
Since we had so much more room, we moved the 2 dressers next to the Wardrobe and the room looks so much better. In fact, it was the perfect amount of space we needed so that we could move your crib in our room.  You will no longer have to sleep in the Computer/Guest room… or the kitchen!!
Now the only thing missing is you!   I’ve made your crib and put the sheets & blanket that Abuelita (my mom) sent you.  When she gets here, we’ll put the bedding that we had made special just for you.  Your Aunts (my dad’s sisters) in Dallas love you so much that they’re making your Winnie the Pooh bedding.
So, when you’re ready….. feel free to go ahead and pop out of my belly!
Love you SO much..
Mommy & Papi

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