Pasqua 2010

Don’t you just love Easter?!?!  I do! I would love it more this year if the weather wasn’t so crummy! It was grey, rainy and COLD!! I don’t know who turned the A/C on but I thought winter was OVER!!!  (good thing I hadn’t done the Spring Cleaning in my closet yet!!)

Last year, was my first Easter in Italy and we celebrated by hiking Sacra di San Michele which you can read about here.  Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen this year so, we stayed home and made some adjustments to our bedroom to make room for the baby. (which you can read here)

Easter is a HUGE deal here in Italy.  There are usually quite a few processions going on to mark The Way of The Cross.  Earlier this week, while we were having dinner, we heard a voice outside that was kinda loud but we really couldn’t make out what there were saying.  It was some of the members from the church Carlo goes to and they were doing the procession.  (Carlo would have done Sacra di San Michele this year but didn’t want to leave me alone!!)  So, I quickly grabbed my camera since one of the “stations” was below our building.

(unfortunately, this was the best picture I could get)
So today, on this wonderful Easter, Carlo and I went to have lunch with his mom and sister.  Traditionally Easter lunch would be just as big as Christmas… with 10 courses.. (ok.. maybe not 10 but a lot of food).  Since it’s only the 4 of us, we kept things low key and basically ate as we would any Sunday lunch.
We started with our Pasta and had Tagliatelle w/ Bolognese sauce
then Roast
with Spinach
Spinach tastes even better when you sprinkle freshly grated Parmigiano
Even though I was stuffed.. I had to have Strawberries!
Then of course it’s time for Dessert!!!
That big yellow egg shape thing… yes… that is our Chocolate Easter Egg!!
1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of hollow Chocolate goodness!!
There is always a surprise inside the egg so, you have to break it open with a knife…
and inside is your surprise.
Our egg had a toy motorcycle.  It even came with it’s own screwdriver and wrench!
(at this time I would have posted a picture of it except, it’s not finished!)
Of course, it’s not Easter until you have your Colomba
(Colomba is dove in Italian)
It’s hard to believe that this was a small meal and yet, we were completely stuffed that when we got home, Carlo and I both had to take naps.  Another thing about Easter that I love… is that this year… I’m allowed to eat more!  Ok.. so I shouldn’t say “allowed” but, Carlo’s mom gave us the left overs so that I could eat more later when I got hungry… after all.. I am eating for 2!
And just so you know… I did eat more! After my nap, I was hungry so I had the last of the pasta and then Carlo and I finished the Roast and Spinach…. and of course ate more Chocolate!!
I hope every one had a Buona Pasqua!


One thought on “Pasqua 2010

  1. That is the mother of all kinder eggs! I'm so jealous! I want to see a picture of the motorcycle put together!
    BTW your Tagliatelle made my mouth water!


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