A friend indeed…

I actually had a whole other topic I wanted to blog about but let’s face it… I’m lazy!  I’ve got 3 more weeks until this baby makes her debut and I’ve just been too tired to blog.  However, I found that this topic was too good to pass up AND… well, it’s just nice to talk about it.

I have NEVER participated in any kind of giveaways that I read on blogs. Not that they’re not good, but  I don’t think I will EVER win so, I just don’t do them.  This time around, I’m doing it because:

 1) I was inspired this week by an email
2) I could really use 2 of the 10 items being given away!

In order to be a part of the giveaway, Janet at Fairly Happy.com is asking readers to post a time when they received service. To participate in the giveaway (and for details) go to Fairly Happy: Pay it Forward

So….. here we go!

For those of you who read this blog know my story.  If you don’t then go to the link at the top of this page that says.. My Story.  I’ll wait till you come back……………………………

So, having to move 5,000 miles, across the ocean and be 7 hours ahead in time was hard. I’m not gonna lie. I cried that day I left my family. (i’m not made of stone ya know!)  Luckily, I have an AWESOME support system here.  That support system not only included Carlo and his family but also my church family, but more importantly… The Sister Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Most people think of a Missionariy has someone who’s calling it is to teach and baptize but they are also there for us who are far away from home.  They are also our friends when we need someone the most.  Growing up, we ALWAYS had missionaries at our house for dinner or just when they wanted to stop by and hang out.  I have a special place in my heart for ALL missionaries and where ever I go, I always make it a point to feed them as my mother & grandmother did.

Having Sister Missionaries in our ward is such a blessing and I know that Heavenly Father knew that’s what I needed in my life.  After adjusting to a new life, I invited the Sisters to come over for lunch one day.  They happily came and ate the food I made.  In true missionary fashion, they asked if there was anything I needed.  I usually always say no because, I truly never NEED anything but this time… I didn’t hold back.  I asked them to please come back and have lunch with me again.  Explaining that my day is spent at home staring at the computer (because we didn’t have a TV yet) until 6pm when Carlo came home.  They came back…. several times for lunch and also for dinner to meet Carlo.  They even invited me to do things with them on their P-days and also when they had Exchanges with the other Sisters in the area.  This… is what I needed…. Friendship.  I finally had friends that were MINE!  They were not related to Carlo or Carlo’s friends, but my friends that were here to help ME.  Every sunday, one of the sisters would sit with me during our meetings and translate when I needed it.  They would come over for lunch and they would always call me if I missed church.

They always had the perfect message for me to hear.. when I needed it.  I knew they were inspired with the spirit EVERY TIME we met.  It wasn’t until Sorella (sister in Italian) Smith was sent to Milan with 6 weeks left in her mission that I had realized that I never thanked her for everything she did for me.  Then 6 weeks later, Sorella Oliver went to Milan.  Again.. I wasn’t able to thank her either for her service BUT fortunately… we exchanged emails knowing that one day… she wouldn’t be in Torino anymore.  It was then that I realized how much they meant to me but also how much they had helped me.

It wasn’t until this week when I received an email from Sorella Smith, that I was able to thank her for everything she’s done for me.  I mentioned that the Sisters in our ward now are awesome… but they don’t come over like Sorella Oliver & Sorella Smith did.  I knew that Heavenly Father needed them else where to help others…. and to help me!  To help me realize that I can’t rely on them forever.

It’s been over a year since I met these wonderful ladies.  I think of them everyday (because I have a picture of them on my desk) and I know that I’ll see them again to thank them personally for everything they’ve done for me.

Sorella Oliver & Sorella Smith at Grom 

4 thoughts on “A friend indeed…

  1. Sonia! Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's amazing how much a friendly face can mean to you when you're lonely. I'm sure these Sisters loved you dearly too. Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy! Lots of love from the Shumways


  2. I agree, they are the lucky ones! But it does strengthen your testimony and is probably good (atleast it was for us) to move away from family and have to rely on Heavenly Father more. I'm sure he sent those special sisters into your life for a reason.


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