Project Complete!

I finally finished my scarf! (now that the weather is getting warmer)  It took me a while to get started and I had to unravel a few time because of the mistakes I was making but, I finally finished.  I did this scarf with 3 balls of yarn.  I casted on 30 stitches and used a knit stitch.  Every time I picked it up to knit, Carlo kept saying I looked like an ‘Abuelita’ (grandma)…. a compliment I enjoyed hearing!
As I worked on it, I noticed that it was kinda wide. I even unraveled and did less stitches but it’s still big. Carlo said, “Well, you need a warm scarf, so it’s ok.”  Of course once it was complete, I showed him and he mentioned how wide it was. I tried to tell him in the beginning but once I put it on, it was so warm and I loved it!
Now I’m working on a matching scarf for Valentina to wear this winter using a purl stitch, then onto a baby blanket.  I am having so much fun learning to knit… I wish I would have learned sooner!

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