Big Sunday Italian Dinner

I have been sick for 11 days straight and it’s driving me nuts! I hate that I have to be stuck at home blowing my nose and not outside doing things that I need to do… like grocery shopping.  We had dinner plans that had to be cancelled because of me being sick.  Now that I am finally starting to feel better we rescheduled our dinner but our guests cancelled because of being ill.

Well, Carlo and I decided to finally have a normal Sunday dinner…. with the works! (ok so we just ate what was the menu for our Saturday night dinner)  It was a beautiful day on Sunday so we opened the balcony to let in the sunlight.

We started our meal with our first course.  Pasta with basil sauce…I chose to add fresh parmigiano cheese on my pasta.
I love that Carlo is always on a diet but on his “days off” he wants to eat the good stuff.  So, I told him I would make him some french fries..
As I was making french fries, inspiration hit me and I decided I would try to make some Onion rings.  I know it’s not hard to make but I’m still trying to get my cooking skills back from the move.  These onion rings were soo good… I wish I had made more! (I only used one small onion)
So, we ate our polpette with fries & onions.  We were stuffed… but I could have definitely gone for more onion rings!
Carlo was finally able to enjoy his wine in this wine glass I bought at Carrefour.
(instead of using Nutella glasses)

8 thoughts on “Big Sunday Italian Dinner

  1. I don't think onion rings are easy. I've been sick too! Maybe I gave it to you. =) Your dinner looks DELISH! Italian food is my favorite. Therefore, I wish I were you right now. =) All I get here is potatoes.

    bon appetite!


  2. you have that IKEA hangy thing, the black one with the spice rack hanging off it.

    Are you happy with it cos I'm planning on putting a few of those in the kitchen ?

    PS. can we come and eat at your house from now on ?

    My two are sick of green rice soup and the best of Barilla as a permanent menu.


  3. Oh my…I love seeing your blog it makes me want to eat if only I could cook as well as you!
    As to your question: Yes, I only talk to her in spanish and Rich dose a mix of english and spanish. I think she understands more spanish right now.
    What do you plan on teaching your little one?


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    don't quit and also keep writing because it just simply well worth to look through it.
    impatient to look at even more of your own writing, good bye!


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