32 weeks and growing!

I just thought I would update on my progress that is the growing belly! I can’t believe I’m already at 32 weeks… that means I have (as of today) 7 weeks & 4 days until my due date!!!

26 weeks
27 weeks
(the belly is growing fast!!)
29 weeks and it looks like I have a basketball under my shirt!
31 weeks and 15lbs gained
32 weeks and the belly is BIG!
I knew my belly would be growing and I’m excited about it… but I wonder exactly how big it’s going to get?!?!

3 thoughts on “32 weeks and growing!

  1. You look very good for your size, but it's true you will gain alot more right at the end.
    We're so excited, it won't be long now.
    Can't wait for domani!! Call us first thing in the morning. Hope it's a girl, I just bought her another little dress.
    xoxoxoxoxox Ti Voglio Tanti Bene!!
    Can't seem to email!! or Reply!


  2. Oh, those last few weeks are crazy! Just when I thought I couldn't get any bigger…I did. With both kids, I had to buy more maternity clothes at the end to cover my ever expanding belly.


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