Evening with great food & great friends

A few weeks ago, Carlo and I had to pleasure of meeting with our friends Gian Luca & Mirian for a great dinner.  It was one of those nights where you lose track of time and don’t realize when it’s late.  There were so many good things to eat that I asked for the recipes to some of the yummy salads we had. Once I get those, I’ll be posting them for you as well…… but for now, here’s what we had….

We were treated to some great Fondue action!
with beef, chicken & pork…
and 5 different kinds of dipping sauces….
everyone has their own color coded utensils to use…
so you know which one is yours once it’s in the oil.
then…. dip away in the sauce of your choice.
We really enjoy visiting Gian Luca at his home. It’s like being in a museum. Full of art!
Thank you Gian Luca & Mirian for a wonderful evening.

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