O…HI…Ohh…. wow!

Ok, so I’m trying to be funny with the title but I couldn’t think of anything else.  Friday, I got a package from cousin Anita.  Who is cousin Anita?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Anita is Carlo’s cousin who lives in Ohio.  Carlo has a cousin in Ohio? Yes.  One of Carlo’s aunts met an American soldier in Italy.  They got married, had 2 children and she moved to the States.  Anita is married and has a son named Brandon & her brother Troy has a daughter named Elizabeth.

Well I haven’t even met Anita or Troy but they have been so kind to me even though I’ve only spoken to them through the phone, email or Facebook.  They’re Italian and just like Hispanics, once you’re family, that’s all you need.

Carlo and I were shocked by all of the great baby clothes that we got from the Miller family that I just had to take pictures to share with everyone!

This is the hat & mittens she’ll wear when she comes home from the hospital.
a lot of the outfits she got came in sets. i think this is an 8 piece set.
3 long sleve onesies
 a girl can’t have too much purple!
back (5 piece set)
front (5 piece set)
5 long sleeve onesies
i love precious moments!
Valentina will be able to wear this in the fall. I can’t wait to see her in it!
I ♡ this bunny rattle. I know she’s gonna love it too!…
and she’ll look really cute wearing this outfit while she plays with that bunny rattle.
Now you know why I tried to add the Oh wow in the title of the post.  That was my exact reaction when I opened the box and saw all of these clothes.
Thank you Anita, Scott, & Brandon for all of the wonderful gifts!
We ♥ y’all very much,
Sonia, Carlo & Baby Valentina

One thought on “O…HI…Ohh…. wow!

  1. Ohhhhhh! Wow!! Those clothes are precious!! I love baby clothes! Valentina is going to look so precious with all those clothes. She's so Lucky!!! What nice and thoughtful cousins ya'll have.


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