Why did it take me sooo long??

About a month ago, Carlo was talking to his friend Ejike.  We were about to start dinner when Ejike asked if we were having Fajitas.  It was then that Carlo and I kept talking about how much we missed all of the good food we used to eat…. and then it hit me…. the next time I see flour tortillas at Tlaloc, let’s make fajitas.  So finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting, they had flour tortillas.
One reason why I haven’t tried before is because any Tex-Mex meal requires rice.  I’m used to using Long grain rice which isn’t hard to find but, it’s a lot more expensive than all of the other kinds of rice.  So, I thought I would experiment with Roma rice and it actually turned out great! It tasted just like my moms!!
So, with our Beef & Chicken Fajitas, I also grilled Red & Yellow bell peppers and onions.
and of course, Guacamole
I love my “tortilla oven” that my mom got for me. It really works! It’s rare when they actually do work.
For me, I like to drink certain things with meals.  If I’m having Barbeque, I like to have Dr. Pepper.  When it’s Mexican or Tex-Mex, I prefer to have Coke.
Our fajitas were soo good.  There are still some things missing like Salsa & sour cream but hopefully I can find a solution for that too.

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