World Nutella Day 2010!!

That’s right people…. WORLD NUTELLA DAY IS HERE!!! and it’s TODAY!!  Thanks to these lovely ladies…..  Michelle from Bleeding Espresso AND Sara from Ms. Adventures In Italy (along with Shelley from At Home in Rome, in spirit).. February 5th is World Nutella Day!!
We here at La Dolce Vita are thrilled and have been looking forward to this day since last year’s World Nutella Day!… ok so maybe not EVERYONE, but ME!!  I do have to admit… I have a soft spot for the Chocolaty Hazelnut goodness! In fact, I still remember my first Nutella experience.  It was June 1994 and I, along with some of my classmates were in Paris. I was 16 years old and I had Nutella for breakfast at a Best Western in Paris.  It was a great day!
Now here I am… enjoying Nutella… EVERY…… SINGLE…… FRICKIN’….. DAY!!!!!!  Really… I’m not kidding… I eat Nutella everyday at breakfast. I didn’t take a picture of it because let’s face it… you might think it’s gross to eat hot milk with corn flakes and spoon of Nutella… and maybe add some cookies in there.. but it’s really good.  In fact, Carlo and I joke around saying that our baby will be breastfed Chocolate Milk!
Anyway so, here’s what I did instead….. for the last year, I have saved EVERY JAR OF NUTELLA that has been in this house. Don’t believe me……

I’ve saved them because I thought I would need them for something.  If you look closely at the one at the bottom right… I use that as my sugar bowl. The one on the left… is a Pink Panther cup that was once filled with Nutella.  The one in the back with the big N on it, I bought that for last years WND.  Carlo said that it had to last me until Christmas…. uhh…… that is until someone kept asking me to buy more Nutella. The one in the top middle is what we are currently using and the one on the top right is empty BUT.. in this house.. we DO NOT WASTE FOOD… Carlo will fill that with hot milk to make sure every inch of that jar is clean and then pour it into his bowl for breakfast.

I also wanted to show you why we have a Pink Panther Nutella cup…

It’s so that we can have a set of 6 glasses.  Yes.. these are our ‘everyday use’ glasses and they were all bought at the store with Nutella inside.  My sister loves these.  Every time we came here for vacation, I always had to bring back a cup of Nutella… just because she wants the cup.. and because Nutella is awesome!
So, since I have yet to get my creative baking skills back I didn’t make anything special for WND.  I know.. it’s shocking. I used to be the Betty Crocker of my work, and I was always in charge of making desserts for birthdays and such but I just can’t seem to get back into baking mode.  Ever since I got married… my baking has stopped.  I guess once the baby arrives, I’ll get inspired again.
Today is a pretty lousy day.  It’s cold, and snowing and wet and just plain blah. What better way to keep warm and celebrate WND than will some Pane e Nutella…. with bananas… and Hot Chocolate!  So, I ran downstairs to the bakery and got me a nice crusty roll and made myself a little afternoon snack!
There’s nothing better than Hot Chocolate made with just hot milk and a spoon of Nutella!!
It’s really a miracle isn’t it?!?!…. 7 months pregnant…. eating stuff like this.. and only gaining 12 lbs (5.5 kilos)… which is why….. this really is….. La Dolce Vita!
To participate or get more informations about World Nutella Day go to or visit Bleeding Espresso and/or Ms. Adventures In Italy
p.s.  If anyone actually sees this… you can get it for me as a baby shower gift!!

6 thoughts on “World Nutella Day 2010!!

  1. I love your collection of the Nutella glasses. I only have 2, the Panda and the Snoopy, I gave Julie mine, because I didn't get to bring her one, she said, she had asked for one. Your afternoon snack looks very delicious!!!
    You're able to keep your weigh down, because of all the walking, that you do. That's good!!
    Last year, I made a Nutella Crostata, with the dough you left me. It was yummy!!! I haven't been baking much either.
    Michelle's Nutella Pie sounds very delicious!!


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