Tra Le Nuvole

Today, I saw my 2nd movie in Italian.  The first movie I saw was sooo dumb that I didn’t even want to post about it.  Thankfully, this one was much better.. maybe because it was an American film starting Italy’s adopted son… Giorgio Clooney! (which is what Mamma Adelasia calls him)

Carlo, Mamma Adelasia, Laura (my sister in law) and I all went together to see this movie.  I was surprised that Adelasia and Laura both didn’t care for it. I liked it!
Since this was the 2nd time in a theater, I thought I’d let you know what it was like watching a movie at the particular theater I went to.  First of all, at 7:20pm on Wednesday, it’s discounted! Only 5 euros per person!  That’s a good deal… and it’s even cheaper for the anziani! (elderly)  What surprises me the most is that there is assigned seating! When you buy your tickets, you can actually request a particular seat, otherwise, they pick for you.  They start with Row A (the very back of the theater) and continue to the last row in front of the screen. Then each seat is numbered.. and you know… people actually stay in their seats.
This would NEVER happen in the U.S.!!!! Another shocking thing.. people are actually quiet during the film and if you shush someone… no one yells back at you!! Ok.. I know that sounds funny but, nowadays you’ve got crazy people in the theater yelling at you if you tell them to be quiet and well, things get crazy, people start shooting… that’s why I don’t really care for going to the movies unless it’s a matinee!
The one thing that I really found interesting is that they actually stop the movie half way for an intermission. That way you can go to the bathroom or to the bar (concession stand) for more popcorn… and forget about free refills on your XL tub of popcorn… there is no such thing!
I was really impressed with myself because I understood quite a bit of the movie. Of course, I will want to watch it in English but it’s also good knowing that I’m beginning to understand it when it’s being spoken rather quickly.
If you get the chance, I suggest you see this film.
It’s nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

4 thoughts on “Tra Le Nuvole

  1. They have assigned seating at a couple of the theaters in my area. Doug and I LOVE it! We can buy tickets online, show up 10 minutes before the movie and know we will have seats we like. It's the best!


  2. Oh, thanks for the information, I would love to see a movie there!
    I haven't been to a movie theater, since ya'll were kids. Didn't know it was that bad, here.
    I did notice, that people are more civilized there. I felt very safe, walking and eating gelato at midnight there with ya'll.
    Hope to see this movie!


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