My Own Shoutout!!

Once again, let me apologize for the lack of blogging these past few weeks. I have good reasons…..

1- Nothing interesting has really happened.
2- I’m waiting for some recipes so I can post about a great dinner we had.
3- I keep forgetting what I want to blog about.  I get an idea in my head and then 10 minutes later I forget!
I promise you that I’ve got some good stuff coming up.. but for now.. let me give myself a BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT!!
Today (February 3rd) is my birthday…. it is…… my 32nd birthday!  
Last year, I spent the day walking around the city and then having a birthday dinner at Mamma Adelasia’s house.
*i promise you that we take better pictures than this.
The year of change and transformation was underway. Carlo and I enjoyed lots of trips this year and in August our world was changed FOR EVER!!!
*visiting Forte di Bard
me (minus 20 lbs)
And now… here we are… 1 year later…… and my oh my… how things have changed in just 1 year!!
*looks like a have a basketball in my shirt!
and just for fun… a side view!
There’s a reason I wore my Mavs jersey for this picture.  A year ago.. it DID NOT FIT!! When I told Carlo that he got really scared! He didn’t say anything so he just said…”I don’t want to know” Now, at 29 weeks it fits! So, this picture is really for myself to document and show how much I changed in 1 year….. and because the Mavs have a game on my birthday and I am hoping they win if I wear my jersey!
ps… I weighed myself this morning… and I must have lost a pound because I am now at 5.5 kilos (12 lbs) instead of the 6 kilos (13lbs) I weighed last week. Not bad at all!  I think I’ll treat myself to a gelato to celebrate!!

6 thoughts on “My Own Shoutout!!

  1. 32????? That makes me feel old! No, not really, I feel great!!!
    Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter, who has given us many wonderful memories and lots of joy and happiness. It doesn't seen like it's been 32 years ago, that you were born, Baby girl!!

    Yes, you have changed alot in 1 year! You too have done so much traveling and enjoyed each others company, now it's time to share that love with your little bambina.

    We wish you a Happy 32nd. Birthday and may you be blessed with plenty of Joy, Love, Health and Happiness.
    Enjoy this 32nd Birthday!! We will!
    We'll be eating Tex Mex Enchiladas, Rice and Refried Beans.
    Chocolate Cake and Rocky Road Ice Cream, as you requested. We'll take pictures and send them to you!!! xoxoxoxox We Love You and Miss you so much!!!!! So happy you're our little girl!!!!


  2. You look so great!! Pregnant ladies are the prettiest in the world, and you were pretty to begin with! Happy Birthday! I hope you have lots of gelato… you deserve it!


  3. happy birthday yaya for your birthday we celebrated, we had double fudge cake, rocky road icecream,and enchiladas. we all love you, carlo, and the baby.
    love lots,MIKA your best and awsomest neice ever.


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