I ♥ Vintage & Hand-me downs

Today is a great day! I finally received a package from my sister with lots of goodies for the baby. I was so excited to open the box and see all of the fun stuff Valentina will get to wear.  When Carlo came home, he was also surprised by all of stuff that fit into a small box.  We can’t wait for the next shipment to arrive!

Opening the Box was like Christmas for me! I kept ohh-ing and ahhh-ing at each item…. holding them to my belly and talking to the baby… letting her know that she was going to live up to her Italian fashion roots!

Hand-me downs are the best things ever! I’m so grateful for the 4 nieces that I have that are now passing down clothes to each other and that will eventually come to me!  So far, we’ve received…

 a changing pad and pacifier
7 pairs of socks
a shirt and a diaper cover (panties)
a Ralph Lauren dress
another dress and denim jumper
a Pooh onesie and a I ♥ NY onesie
her “1 yr Birthday &  Easter” dress
a hooded towel, washcloth and burp cloth
hats & hair accessories (she’s already got more than I do!)
and a shoe collection… just like mommy and daddy….
*the blue booties & white booties were gifts from friends… they were not part of this package.
mine & Carlo’s shoes
But that’s not all!..I know.. you’re thinking.. How could there be more? How big was this box? Well, it was completely stuffed!
She has inherited one yellow sun hat from the Gap that used to belong to Mikaela.  If I remember correctly, I bought this hat for Mika when she was about 6 months old. We (Julie [Mika’s mom] and I used to tell her HOW CUTE she looked in the hat… only for her (Mika) to keep pulling it off her head).  When I saw this in the box, I almost cried because it brought back so many fun memories of playing with Mika. I can’t wait to see Valentina in this hat!
Vintage items are alway in style.. no matter what anyone says.  I read that for something to be considered Vintage, it has to be at least 20 years old… well these next few things are older than that so, this little meatball will definitely be wearing Vintage fashions!
This next piece WAS NOT IN THE BOX but, I wanted to take a picture of it and put it in this post.  This was my tank top and now.. Vale will be wearing it too.  I just need to find a cute denim skirt for it.
This dress is SPECIAL!  This is my blessing dress. I wore it when I got blessed at church.  I then lent it to Julie and we dressed Mika in it when she was blessed. It was then passed to my niece Isabel who also wore it when she was blessed.  Unfortunately, Gabby & Ali didn’t wear it but that’s ok… because it’s back with me now and Vale will be wearing it when she gets blessed at my ward (Torino 2nd ward) and baptized in Carlo’s church.
And last but certainly not least…. ONE OF MY BABY BLANKETS!!!!  When I was living in Provo, Utah, I sent somethings to my sister in Arizona to keep for me.  That was about 11 years ago and that was the last time I saw this blanket.  So, imagine my surprise to find this as the very last thing in the box.  I am very, very, very happy to be able to pass this along to my baby….

along with Ellie and Teddy!

My Elephant was given to me when I was born & I’ve had my Teddy since I was 5 years old.

3 thoughts on “I ♥ Vintage & Hand-me downs

  1. awww awesome! i love hand me downs! unfortunatly my sisters discovered ebay a few years ago so they had NOTHING to give me!! i love vintage stuff. i wish i had some of my old things! i have a little box that i am storing stellas stuff in…like her coming home outfit, her blessing dress, etc


  2. Wow! Can't believe all those clothes were in the box. It took the two of us to get it closed and taped. Valita sure is lucky to have her cousin's hand me downs. They all have very nice clothes, especially the baby and toddlers clothes, they hardly ever get worn out.

    I wish I would have kept all your baby clothes. You and the boys were my Sanger-Harris babies. (Macy's). You had the prettiest clothes, you too, Julie, you were my Titche's baby. (Dillard's)

    I will be sending Valita's pkg. soon, just let me know what else you need.

    I love this blog, what a neat way to keep in touch.


  3. Valentina has such a beautiful name!!!
    What a lucky baby girl to have such sweet parents!
    You are all blessed!



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