Affogato al Cioccolato


Did you know that Torino is the Chocolate capital of Italy?  Well, you know now!  In my opinion, the best time to visit Torino is in the winter because that’s when you have the best of the best in production.  Chocolate is an art and because it is so delicate the best chocolate can only be made when the temperature is less than 78 degrees (I read that in another blog).

So, since it’s so cold today, Carlo and I decided to take our walk downtown and have a yummy treat.  We went to Venchi on Via Garibaldi and enjoyed an Affogato al Cioccolato.

What is that you ask? The word affogato means drowned.  So….. you have your gelato, pour hot chocolate over it and then we topped ours with panna (whipped cream).  It was the perfect treat and the best way to eat Venchi gelato.  They make wonderful chocolate but so far, we’ve noticed that their gelato is too hard when served.  This way, the hot chocolate melts the gelato so it’s much better to eat.
In a few weeks, we’ll go back and try their Hot Chocolate.  I’m sure it will taste as good as it looked!
Porta Nuova Train Station
*Venchi is an Italian gourmet chocolate company founded in 1878. Information on Wikipedia.

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