26 weeks and counting

Today marks the beginning of my 26th week.  Which means that in 2 more weeks, I’ll officially be starting the last trimester!  This is pregnancy is going by so fast.  It seems like it was yesterday that I peed on a stick and saw this….
2 weeks later, blood work confirmed what my pee stick said.  So, we started documenting by taking pictures. We started at 8 weeks…
Then moved into 13 weeks and still no weight gain but definitely starting to fill out…..
By week 17, I finally gained 3 lbs!!!  Starting to fill out some more and a tiny hint of a bump is beginning to show……
21 weeks and another pound gained.  I start noticing that even though I’m growing.. I feel like I’m shrinking too…….
NYE 2010, staying home with the bump and eating! 24 weeks and bump is nice and round……
And now… 26 weeks and 8lbs total.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  In fact, I am wearing a pre-pregnancy shirt to show how much I’ve lost and yet at 6 months, I can fit in it and button it up.

One thought on “26 weeks and counting

  1. Oh, you are really showing now, but you look really good. Yes, time is going by fast. It won't be long now. A little over 3 months to go. Yes, please send me the pics. to Walgreen's.
    By Abuelita Martha on 26 weeks and counting on 1/14/10


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