Valentina’s favorite songs

Ok… so maybe they’re not her favorite but, she does move when she hears them.  A couple of months ago, Carlo and I started talking to the baby so that she could become familiar with our voices.  I know they can hear when they’re in the womb so, I wanted to see if what I heard was true.  I put headphones on my stomach and played different music.

Some days she moves more than others but she definitely moves when certain songs are played.  I tried putting classical music and she moved quite a bit! So then I tried some rock, oldies, pop…. but nothing worked as well as latin!

My little baby knows good music when she hears it!  As of now… these are the songs she moves to the most….

Shakira- Ciega, Sordomuda
Paulina Rubio- Causa y Efecto

I can’t wait to play these songs for her and watch her actually dancing to them!!

One thought on “Valentina’s favorite songs

  1. Oh how cute! She does know good music, when she hears it, huh? She's going to love to dance, just like her Abuelita Mendez.


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