Resolutions that I might just keep!

Well, I didn’t think I would make any New Year’s Resolutions this time around. Let’s face it… who actually keeps them?? Not me! This year, I thought since because we would be going through some major changes, why not try to make some goals that will benefit all of us and that will happen regardless if I try to make it work or not. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

1)- Continue to slowly gain weight and have a safe & calm pregnancy. At 25 weeks (today!) I have currently gained 3.5 kilograms… that’s about 7.5 lbs.
2)- Have a happy & healthy baby in April. So far all of my tests/exams/sonograms are normal and everyday I feel more and more movements!
3)- Lose any and all weight gained during pregnancy. Shouldn’t be too hard. I lost 20lbs before getting pregnant and was continuing to lose inches during the first 4 months.
4)- Document life as a Family of 3 on OUR NEW BLOG: La Nostra Piccola Famiglia. This blog started as a “life in Italy” blog and I will keep doing the same….. restaurant reviews, recipes, travel, & etc….. However, I know that once you have a baby, you want to post as many pictures and tell as many stories as possible. Therefore, I have made a separate blog for that purpose. That way, you can continue to read this blog without being bombarded with countless pictures of a baby you don’t know.
5)- Since we will be starting Our Little Family soon, I’ve really gotta get my Italian going. Carlo bought a book for us to read to Valentina so that she can recognize our voices but also for me to start reading Italian as well.
and last….
6)- As I broaden my Italian language skills, I hope to be able to have an Italian version of this site. So, later this year, I hope that La Dolce Vita- Torino will be up and running… We’ll see how it goes! (right now, it’s blank)
So that’s it. 6 goals for 2010! Of course I will continue to eat all of the gelato & pizza I can… that’s part of my diet plan!

2 thoughts on “Resolutions that I might just keep!

  1. okay i think i must not have been paying attention! i didnt know you were having a baby!!! that is so freakin exciting! i cant believe it! Congratulations! Im so happy for you! any names picked yet? love you!!


  2. I really hope you get to keep your resolutions. They are all very good.I think they're fun to make, but for me very hard to keep.
    Good Luck!
    I haven't made a list, yet. I will continue to learn more Italian, and smile and be more friendly.


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