Practice makes perfect

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like taking pictures. If you read this blog, then you obviously know that as well. For as long as I can remember (since High School to be exact), I have wanted a good quality camera but you know.. those things are just so darn expensive. I’ve had some great 35mm and digital camera but after a while, they seem to break or become “old”. Every time I go into an electronics store, I like to browse the cameras and see what’s there and dream that maybe one day I’ll have one too.
Well, I’m happy to say that my darling hubby found a solution for me! Technically, it’s part of my Christmas present but since I paid half of it, it’s really not a present. A friend of his was going to sell his old camera and buy a lens for his new one. Since my hubby is ALWAYS thinking about me, he spoke to his friend and long story short we bought his old camera. We got a GREAT deal on it and I’m so happy to finally this camera that I’ve always wanted. It also could not have come at a better time. It gives me a chance to practice before the baby gets here!
This is actually not a picture I took with my new camera but I love the way this palazzo looks with all of the snow.
I took these from the balcony the day after I got the camera so, I was still trying to figure out the settings and zoom.
This was from our other balcony.
Christmas Day-
Carlo brought home a candle that we lit for Christmas and placed next to our Nativity.
I was too tired to get up from the bed so I took this laying down.
These are our teddy bears: Bubu & Teddy.
Bubu belongs to Carlo (has had him since he was 5)
Teddy is mine (had him since I was 5 too!)
Yesterday morning, I decided to take a picture of myself with my new camera.
It was a beautiful, clear day in Torino.
Carlo went to the store to buy something for his mom and he came back with more books.
He also bought one for the baby so that we can read to her now.
Topolino is Mickey Mouse
When the weather is nice, we continue our Sunday tradition by going for a walk. We went downtown to test out the new camera.
These are my favorite lights. I think I took about 20 pictures in this Piazza alone.
The Mexican store that I go to for my Tortillas is in this Piazza so, we stopped by to look at their display. Maybe next year, I can buy this aluminum Nativity.
I’ve always wanted a night shot of Palazzo Reale .. and now I have one!
Not to mention a clean shot of Via Roma.
Every time I take a picture of this street.. it’s ALWAYS blurry.
This one is just for my Mom & Dad. I thought they might like to see Santa hanging from the balcony & window.

3 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. Congrats on the new camera! Looking forward to seeing lots of pics from it! Glad you had a good Christmas too. Yes it was 50+ cousins. Mucho crowded. I had to leave the crowd a few times just to catch my breath! You were missed! Sorry, I forgot that your mom's comp was not working and I didn't bring my webcam! Hope you guys have a Happy New Year's celebration and maybe we can skype then! We'll be home!


  2. Wow! I can tell the difference on the pictues! They're beautiful! What a fun place to be especially during the Christmas Season. i'm glad you are having such a fun time. Can't believe it's been a year, since you were here, we sure did have fun with ya'll.


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