Getting in the Christmas Spirit

A few days after Thanksgiving, I started looking at my iTunes library and searching for my Christmas songs so that I can start doing the Jingle Bell Rock. As I was finding some songs I realized that I didn’t have very many. I used to have a lot and somehow they have magically disappeared. Needing to fill my house with the sounds of Christmas, I browsed the Holiday section on iTunes and found some essential songs that were immediately added to my library.

I also came across Andrea Bocelli’s newest CD: My Christmas. Now, I like Andrea Bocelli and I love Christmas music so I thought it would be a good purchase. What I didn’t know that it was a GREAT purchase. I have listened to the entire CD everyday since I bought it. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and magical. I now love Andrea Bocelli… in fact, last week, Canale 6 (Mediaset) aired his Christmas special from the Kodak Theater in L.A. I wanted to watch it so bad that I had been waiting all day and night for it to come on. Of course it started as soon as Carlo came home and was ready to eat dinner. Luckily, I had already prepared everything on the table and he told me to go watch it and not worry about him.
If you’re needing an extra Christmas boost… I suggest buying this CD. You’ll absolutely love it!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
*Andrea Bocelli – the great Italian Tenor was born in 1958 with glaucoma. At age 12 became blind from an accident that occurred while playing soccer. Info from Wikipedia.
*David Foster- Grammy winner- singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, musician and arranger- has worked with EVERYONE! Info also from Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas Spirit

  1. Thanks for the Christmas CD. I've been listening to it all day,too. I really love it! He has a great voice, I love O Tannenbaum alot, along with the others. Andrea Bocelli has me in the Christmas Spirit, now. I still think Christmas came too soon this year.Merry Christmas to All


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