Baby: Sex, Names & Guessing Games

Let’s start with the last one… Guessing Games! So far, I’ve been told by 4 different people that I’m having a girl. I’ve been told by other’s that I’m having a boy. Well, everyone has their guesses and some are even guessing one gender just to say that it will be the opposite. My niece Mikaela says she wants me to have a girl (then said because you will get the opposite of what you want.. so therefore she really wants me to have a boy).
Well today was the BIG DAY! I had my 2nd trimester sonogram and well.. it was still a guessing game. The doctor says…. IT’S A GIRL! (although he couldn’t be 100% positive because the legs were closed but.. he says that he is pretty sure it’s a girl) So that’s what we’re going with.
We were so lucky to have a Doctor and assistant who did a great job on the Sonogram. We came home with 17 pictures of the baby. Now, I’m not sure if this is routine in the States but they measured EVERYTHING. I’ve got pictures of her brain, her face, her kidneys, heart & even the bones in her legs & arms along with the measurements.
Today, I realized that I hadn’t been updating you on my progress and for that I’m sorry but there really isn’t much to say at this time… Especially when I don’t have monthly appointments like you would in the States. Unless you want to know the results of my last blood work, nothing has been going on since the 1st sonogram in October. So, to make up for it, here’s a picture Carlo took just a few hours ago.
21 weeks (5 months)
Now that we pretty much know what we’re having, we can finally call the baby by her name. This is something we’ve been thinking about for at least a year. I already had names in mind when we decided to start trying but that list of names got shorter and shorter until there were only 3. The names we had in mind were:
Now, I love the name Alessandra BUT… Carlo has a cousin by that name which means… there already is an Alessandra Piacente…. NOT very original! So that name went quickly out the window. So then.. it was between Giada & Valentina. I love the name Giada. It’s not that common and that’s why I like it. Also because Giada De Laurentiis is one of my favorite Celebrity Chefs from the Food Network. (She’s even better than Rachael Ray…. there… I said it!!!)
When I found out that Giada is Italian for Jade.. I loved it even more! Jade has been a name that’s been stuck in my head for a really long time and I just think it’s really cool name for a girl. Then there was Valentina. I had heard it and I thought it was nice but it wasn’t my first choice. The longer I thought about it.. the more I like it. I played around with different name combinations and I just like these two names so much that I couldn’t make up my mind. That is.. until I saw this…
song is “Valentine” by Maurice Chevalier
After I saw this video, I thought how awesome Valentina was and how beautiful it sounded in 3 different languages. I decided it would be Valentina but… I still really like the name Giada. Carlo suggested using both names but using Jade instead of Giada.
Therefore…. this little girl’s name is:
Valentina Jade Piacente


8 thoughts on “Baby: Sex, Names & Guessing Games

  1. looooooooove the name. i wanted to name stella jade but angel said no because he knew a girl he didnt like with that name! lol i also couldnt name her olivia or penelope or any other name i liked because of that same reason!i think he was just making it up =)

    you could name your next one giada alessandra! then you get to use all the names!


  2. Auguri!!!
    We're very excited about the baby girl or boy! We're going to love this baby soo much! Can't wait to meet baby! Love your picture, mommy looks very healthy and happy!
    Looks like baby is happy too, playing around with her little arms and feet.
    Love you, take care!


  3. Michelle- I know… you're right.. it could still turn out to be a boy. A girl I used to work with was told it was a girl so, of course ALL of her shower gifts were pink… then the baby was born… and it was a BOY!! So, for now, I'm telling Mom to only buy colors that are neutral… yellow, green & orange… besides they're spring colors so they'll be perfect anyway!


  4. Pretty name and nice belly!!! You are lucky that you do not have to name her after your husband's mother like they do here in Sicily. Our oldest is named after her grandmother, Caterina. Since we lived in the US then we named her Catherine. We got lucky it's a pretty name!
    I better get knitting!!


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