It REALLY is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I finally feel all Christmas-y! It’s been a bit of a hard transition not “celebrating” Thanksgiving with a big Turkey and all of the sides. So, last Friday, it was hard for me to start thinking about Natale (Christmas). Even though Luci d’Artista has started, I don’t go downtown often enough to enjoy the lights and get in the Christmas spirit. A few weeks ago, when Carlo and I went to Malibu with Jill & Florent, we took more pictures of the Artistic light displays. We plan to take a tour of the lights so that we can see all of them, but for now, here are a few.

Piazza Lagrange
Via Lagrange
Piazza Carignano
Via Garibaldi
Via Roma
Galleria Subalpina
Via Po
I thought this looked better in Black & White
Monte dei Cappuccini
Piazza San Carlo

Now that the city feels like Christmas, it was time to decorate the home. Now, like a lot of Americans, I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Here in Italy, most people decorate on December 8th which is a Holiday. (Immacolata – the Celebrate of Immaculate Conception) So, when Carlo and I talked about decorations I mentioned that I wanted to start slow and just get a few things every year. In a few years, we’ll get a Christmas tree but for now, I just wanted a Nativity set. So, I headed out to Carrefour and got a few things to brighten up our home. I’m just glad Carlo liked what I bought.
So I got some garland that had red bows on it and added some red ornament balls, then added a strand of white lights.
I was really disappointed in the selection of Nativity scenes at Carrefour so, I chose this simple, small and cute one. I’ve decided to save my pennies and buy a real Nativity in Naples. (see this post on Napoli from Ms. Adventures in Italy)
A month ago, Carlo saved his pennies and bought us a new bookshelf (because we don’t have enough) for our hallway. This is where we display our art & travel books and for now, it will display our Nativity scene.
We haven’t finished setting up just yet but I’m so excited to rearrange and put the other strand of lights I bought. The lights that will be here are in the shape of angels! I’m so excited to finally have some Christmas decorations in our home. It sure beats last year!! (see post & pictures here)

4 thoughts on “It REALLY is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

  1. Nice photos. For our Christmas deco we got a small 3 foot tree at carrefour, and that's about it. Back home we would have a bigger Christmas tree, but here in Torino, we decided to keep it simple. Have a great December.


  2. Beautiful pictures, wish I was there to see the Christmas sights.
    I love your Nativity Scene and your decor, and your bookcase. The bookcase looks very nice there in the hall. I need that!!!!


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