Restaurant Review: Malibu

Last Friday, We went to check out a “Mexican” restaurant here in Torino that I’ve heard quite a lot about. Malibu was recommended to me by a few of the students that go to The World. The World is one of many Language Schools here in Torino and that’s where I go for my Italian class. I have been craving Mexican food for quite some time so Carlo and I decided now was the time to go. After a rough beginning to the night (that will be in another post) we finally ended up at Malibu. As we walked in, I was immediately comforted by the Spanish speaking lady that greeted us along with the Mexican decor. So far, it was a good sign.
walking into the dining area
That night, since it was our first time eating “Mexican” in Torino, I asked some friends to join us and to help me with my review.
Carlo and I
please excuse my very curly/frizzy hair. it was really humid that evening.
We decided that no one would be better to help me judge than our good friends Florent & Jill. Jill and I met through this blog. She and Florent were living in France before their move to Torino. Jill (who is Scottish) met Florent (who is French) while they were studying in Spain. They met and have been together for about 10 years now. Since they have lived in Spain and in Mexico, I thought.. Who better to help explore this city’s restaurants than these two!
Now, maybe I’m used to Tex-Mex food and portion size but Italian way of serving is a little weird to me. Carlo’s Carne Asada looked and tasted yummy but I thought they could have served it up with some salsa or pico de gallo.
Flo’s fajitas looked delicious but he definitely needed a good scoop of guacamole to make it complete.
Jill’s Vegetarian Burrito looked quite tasty but she did say it lacked some flavor.
My Acapulco Burrito was yummy. I would have enjoyed it better if my beans and rice were on the side and if there were more pork and avocado or some other stuff like tomatoes and onions. It also would have been nice if it were not served in bowl with a napkin underneath.
The tortilla chips were good and I wish guacamole didn’t cost 7 euros because I would have liked to try it. The service was ok. We got our drinks late, no refill on our Tortilla chips, & no salt & pepper on the table… oh.. and I just realized we didn’t get any salsa for our chips.
Overall it just ok but I have a feeling this place might be the best “Mexican” food Torino has to offer. (but I hope not) There are 2 other restaurants in this city that I want to try to maybe in the next couple of months, I’ll find out which one is best.
On a scale of 1 to 5
I give this place
a 3
cocina mexicana Regina Margherita, 27
10124 Torino

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Malibu

  1. Your father said, They would sure like to have my rice. Well, your burrito looked good to me. Not all Mexican Food is the same.
    I'll never forget the time I was in Mexico City, at a Restaurante, they brought me a sunnyside up egg on top of my rice, and I said I didn't order this! The waitress said, it comes with this meal. It was good, but have never had this on my rice before, some put sliced bananas, or raisins on top of the rice to garnish. I'll stick to my TX Mex Food!!!!


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