Roasted Peppers

Every time we go to Mamma Adelasia’s house to eat, Carlo always mentions that I need to learn how to make (whatever we are eating that night). So, a few months ago, I learned to make one of my new favorite side dishes: Roasted Peppers. (Peperoni Arrostiti) So, I thought I would try to make some on my own and here’s how it went…..
I bought 2 peppers… (i couldn’t find any green ones- which are my favorites)
washed and dried them.
lined my grill pan with foil and roasted on a Medium/Medium to High flame
making sure to turn so that all sides get charred (this might take a while)
especially the top and bottom of pepper
once they are charred and soft, remove stem, seeds, and all burnt parts (either by peeling or scraping with knife- if it’s too hot to touch)
slice into long slices. add olive oil and salt

3 thoughts on “Roasted Peppers

  1. Mama Adelazia sure knows how to cook good food. I really enjoyed eating all the food she cooked for us. Your peppers sure look good. Gonna make some too.
    You better learn all her recipes, so maybe some day you could open up a ristorante here.


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