Trying to learn the language

Since moving to Italy, I’ve been trying really hard to learn Italian. I’ve been studying on my own but after a while, I just get so tired and BORED! For 6 months, we didn’t have a TV so, I couldn’t watch the news or any programs. I did, however, watch a lot of stuff on YouTube. Now that we finally have a TV, I can watch the news or cartoons… whichever I’m in the mood for. I love being able to watch something that I am familiar with to figure out if I know what they are saying.

For example: Every morning at 8:45am, I know Happy Days is on.

It has helped a bit. I can understand a lot of what is being said but I still have a hard time. One thing that Carlo has teased me about is my “YouTube Make up lesson”. You see one day, I was on You Tube and I kept clicking on a lot of different videos. I came across one that I thought was kinda fun. It was a makeup tutorial in Italian. I sat there and watched it and I didn’t understand a single word. I watched some of the other videos and didn’t understand anything. So, the next day, I sat in front of my computer with a dictionary and kept trying to find these words that I didn’t know. Slowly, I started to understand a few words and started spending money… on Makeup! I love to wear makeup but was never really sure of how to wear certain things.

And now… thanks to Clio, not only am I learning Italian but also learning fun makeup tricks. In fact, the lady who runs the bakery downstairs usually compliments my look.
*Clio is an Italian who attended Make-up Designory in NYC and now works as a Make-up Artist. She wrote a book,has a huge following on YouTube (with over 25,000 subscribers) & has been a guest on an Italian show regarding beauty and Make-up. (all this.. I learned by watching her videos)

3 thoughts on “Trying to learn the language

  1. Oh! What fun, watching Happy Days, in Italian. It's hard to understand Italiano, because they speak really fast, but that's what they say about us. Practice, Practice, you will soon be talking more and more. I think you're doing great!


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