Art in Milan

Yesterday, Carlo and I went to Milan for an Art Exhibition at the Palazzo Reale. We took the train from Porta Susa and less than 2 hours later we arrived in Milano Centrale. This was my 3rd trip to Milano and I managed to navigate us correctly through the Metro and into Piazza del Duomo.

The Palazzo Reale is located next to the Duomo and I’ve gotta say… Torino’s Palazzo Reale is much more beautiful! (that’s my personal opinion)
Since we couldn’t take pictures, I bought some postcards of the painting I liked the most.


As usual, I packed a lunch for us and we ate at Piazza della Scala and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Carlo was able to meet with some friends of his while we rested and people watched. After enjoying our gelato from Grom, we spent some more time at Piazza del Duomo resting before getting back on the train.
I must also mention that I got us back to Milano Centrale with no problems at all! It was super duper easy!

One thought on “Art in Milan

  1. Really nice pictures! I love it, that you are close enough to go to Milano and enjoy all in 1 day.
    I must say, that I think the Metro in Torino is alot better than the Metro in Milano! I don't like big crowds.


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