Portici di Carta

It’s fall here in Torino. The leaves are changing and the weather is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s a perfect time to take a stroll with the one you love, eat some Grom and do a little book shopping.

Last weekend, Carlo and I headed downtown to check out Portici di Carta. It’s a 2 day book fair right in the heart of the city. There are tables lined up under the porticoes on both sides of Piazza Carlo Felice, Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma with all kinds of books.
We arrived at 4pm at Piazza Carlo Felice and 4 hours later, we finished at the opposite side of Piazza Carlo Felice. We stopped at every single table to see what books they had to offer.
They had comics…
Antiques, Vintage & Used books…

Books for kids….

Vintage postcards & posters…..

From cook books to how-to guides, spiritual to history… they had it ALL
(and I really do mean ALL… if you know what I mean)
They had plenty of exhibitions for adults & kids

along with various amounts of entertainment

But the best place to be was at Piazza CLN or… ‘Via del Gusto’.
37 booths ALL selling the same thing…..CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate bars, Hot chocolate, Chocolate Kebab and More!

We had such a great time but after 4 hours of slowly walking up and down the sidewalk and looking at almost every book, my feet and knees were hurting so bad that I didn’t know if I would be able to walk back home. Luckily, the cup of gelato from Grom gave me the energy I needed to make it home!
To find out more about Portici di Carta, click here.

5 thoughts on “Portici di Carta

  1. WELL, YOU are just having the time of your life! Huh? So happy for you! That sure sounds like a Fun Day! With all that cioccolato, you must have had a tough time trying to decide what to get!


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