The waiting game

When I found out that I was going to be a mom, I immediately wished that I was back home in Texas…. for 1 reason ONLY.

I knew that if I was in Texas, I could see the Doctor who has been seeing me for the last 5 years and I would get my confirmation ASAP.
In Texas:
I would call my Doctor’s office for an appointment. He would do another urine test, order blood tests and do a vaginal sonogram (in the office). So, in 1 day I would get 2 test confirming and in 2 days i would have another test confirming. In total, I would have had 4 tests confirming a pregnancy. (including the home preg. test)
In Italy:
I walked to the Doctor’s office the day after my home test. The Doctor is on vacation but the On-Call Doctor is in. I wait about 5 minutes to see her. She understands but doesn’t speak English. So, after telling her my story, she give me 3 different pieces of paper with all of the lab work I need and tells to go to ANY hospital or Health Clinic. When I ask for Pre-natal vitamins, she tells me to wait until my test come back positive. (because Americans take too many vitamins.)
I went home and explained to Carlo and he tells me to go back to the Doctor on Monday. So, then we both go and Doctor B tells me… “yes… go to ANY hospital or clinic.” Tuesday morning, Mamma Adelasia comes to our home at 7:30am and together we walk to the hospital. The man at the Information desk informs us to take our number at the lab, then got upstairs to the 1st floor to register and then come back downstairs to the lab to get the tests done.
So, we take our number and walk upstairs. The registration office doesn’t open until 8. So, we wait until they call our number….. C40. Yes… at 8am.. there are 40 people ahead of us needing labs too! So, we wait, and wait. Finally C40 and it’s our turn. I present my Health card and she asks if I have my urine already in a cup. I say no and she hands me a cup and a plastic tube. I have all my paperwork and we go back downstairs to wait for C40 to come back up.
I go to the bathroom and prepare my sample. (at this time, I’m thinking of how I used to do this at work. except it was someone else’s urine I was putting into tubes) I was surprised that there was soap in the bathroom, but just incase, I had wet wipes and anti-bacterial hand wash in my purse.
When C40 comes up again, I go to the window. The lady hands me a cup with 5 or 6 vacutainer tubes and tells me to give me urine to the guy at the next window. I walk down the hall and stop at the window. He takes my tube of urine and a sticker from my paperwork and labels it. Then tells me to go into the room and have a seat in front of any lady. I walk in and there are 4 ladies behind a table. I take the first chair I see. The very, very nice lady takes my paperwork and then tells me to put my arm on the table. (again, I’m thinking of how I used to be the one to draw the blood) She did an awesome job! I didn’t feel the needle stick at all.
She told me that was everything and to make sure I kept my paperwork to pick up my results on the indicated date. I looked down at the paper and saw…… 09/09/09.
I couldn’t believe that I had to wait 8 days for results! 8 days to find out if my results were positive or negative. 8 days to find out if I was really pregnant. (because home preg. test are NOT always right- so I don’t trust them) Another 8 days to wait and tell EVERYONE I know that I was finally going to be a mom.
It was the LONGEST 8 DAYS EVER!!! When 09/09/09 finally arrived, I went to the hospital and picked up my results. As excited as I was, I waited until I got home to open them. I was happy to see that my blood work was normal. Glucose- normal, WBC/RBC,- normal, HIV- negative, Liver enzymes- Normal…. and FINALLY… on page 3 there it was….
HCG beta 46 426
which means….. I was 6 weeks pregnant (at the time my blood work was done). I went to Dr. B’s office to show him my results and then FINALLY.. he said, “if you want to tell everyone on the street that you are pregnant, then go ahead”
Almost 2 weeks after my home test, I could finally tell everyone the news.
Again….. I wish… I was back home.. in Texas.
(As of today, I am 9 weeks & 3 days)

4 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. How frustating! Yet, how exciting you are going to be a mom! You and I are very close in our pregnancies…I will be 12 weeks along tomorrow with #2. It's tough to get used to a system like that when things are so different here in Texas.


  2. Well, thank goodness, you're normal! I could've told you, you were pregnant, just by the symptoms you were having. One thing, for sure you'll never forget where you were on 09-09-09. Auguri, di nuovo! The good news was worth waiting for!


  3. well atleast you know now! Even in Texas, doctors keep you waiting forever in the waiting room. Although, you're right. They would have been able to tell you later that same day!


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