Special Announcement: by Lucy & Ricky Ricardo

The Ricardos were America’s first family of Television. Lucy & Desi were pioneers when the were making I Love Lucy. They were the first to sleep in a Matrimonial bed! Lucy fought to have Desi play her TV husband even though executives at CBS didn’t think audiences would believe an American Red head would be married to a Cuban Band leader.

Years later, Lucy and Ricky continue to make us laugh and cry with their hilarious moments. I love watching the re-runs. In fact, I had recorded some and had Carlo watch them with me one time. He too enjoyed watching them; especially when Lucy is stomping grapes in Italy!

Sometimes I feel like me and Carlo are Lucy and Ricky. Not so much for the crazy ideas and I don’t get into trouble like Lucy, but it’s the little things… and because we have 2 twin bed pushed together too!!

(example, when Carlo can’t understand why some words are pronounced different but spelled the same/similar. through, rough, tough, cough, etc… Just like Ricky did!)

So, I felt it was only natural that my favorite TV couple make this announcement for us. This clip, is from my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE episode of I Love Lucy. It makes me cry… (especially now) EVERYTIME I watch it. (watch the whole video… the end is the best part!)



That’s right…. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!

my baby and me!

13 thoughts on “Special Announcement: by Lucy & Ricky Ricardo

  1. AUGURI! FELICIDADES! I'm glad it's official! Now, I can tell my family, friends and neighbors! What a wonderful way to let everyone know, then from your good friends Lucy and Ricky! You can't imagine how happy we are and lucky to have a little bambino from you and Carlo! God bless you! WOW! Grazie Mille for the good news!


  2. I am so happy for you! I am going to knit a baby sweater for you! But I will have to wait until we get to Sicily. I already packed my yarn. 36 days until we leave! Yahoo!


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