Gelato count for August

In the 8 months that we’ve been here, Carlo has continued to tease me about the number of times I have gone to Grom or any other gelateria. He tells everyone I have had at least 150 gelati.

How can that be?? I don’t think it’s entirely true. So, I’ve started to document how much gelato I’ve eaten in the month of August.
So the grand total is….
20 Gelati
1 Granita Siciliana
1 Frappe’ (milkshake)
Ok so to be honest, sometimes it wasn’t a gelato…. it was a popsicle and on those days, I would have 2. August is the hottest month of the year…. and we don’t A/C so I have to keep cool somehow right??
I think Carlo is just jealous because he’s on his “diet”… and well, my “diet” includes gelato when I want it!

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