Forte di Bard

Last week, Carlo and I took the train to Valle d’Aosta to a teeny tiny town called Bard. They have a huge Fortress in the mountains so we went to go check it out.

So, we walked from the train station…

crossed the bridge from Hône….

and into Bard.

We saw a sign for a spa which looks really nice

Bard is a really small town but there was a lot to see
and everywhere I turned, was an opportunity for a good picture
After a short walk from the train station, we made it to the Fort.

To get to the museum, we had to take 4 elevators to the top of the Fort.

3 of the elevators are glass elevators

so, we were able to get some great pictures in the elevator

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take ANY pictures inside the musem which is really too bad because it was a lot fun and very interesting.

We decided to walk down the path instead of using the elevators
that way we were able to get more pictures of the Fort
I’m just glad I didn’t have to walk up these stairs!!
We had a great time at the museum and for the amount of money spent,
it was a perfect (cheap) day trip

4 thoughts on “Forte di Bard

  1. WOW, that is breathtaking!
    I can't wait until I can start posting photos like yours.
    Cheap is the way to go! Proves you don't have to spens alot of money to have a great time.


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