CLOSED for Ferie!

August in Italy is probably one of the best times to visit…. or could be one of the worst times to visit! Your choice!

Every August, Italians look forward to the time when they are closed for one, two, three OR four weeks and head out to the beaches or mountains. It’s Ferie! Carlo’s company is closed for three weeks so, I’ve been lucky to have my hubby here with me to help me household chores.
The great thing is that it’s mandatory vacation time!! Everyone closes up and goes on vacation. The bad thing is.. everyone is closed and you’re left in a deserted city. (depending where you are)

for example:

this is a fairly major street in Torino this was taken on saturday, the 15th.
All along the streets, all you seeare closed windows and signs posted up telling you that theyare closed. Need some bread? Sorry… they’re on vacation.

this is from the bakery on my block
Maybe you need a newspaper or… even some tickets for the bus/metro. Nope…

my friend at La Stampa said he was going to Calabria!

Pharmacy, Hair Salon, Hardware store……

BUT… if you need Gelato……

come back at 4pm.

Some places are closed ALL MONTHS LONG

must be nice to take a month off!

I find it so very interesting to seeall of these stores closed and to see a major street…

practically empty!

Especially on August 15th which is probably one of the most important holidays in Italy. It’sFerragosto which is the day Virgin Mary ascended into the heavens. Even if you can’t afford to take 3 weeks off,Ferragosto is the one day where EVERYTHINGis closed and you somehow manage to getout of town for the weekend or even just stay home and relax.I am hoping that next year, we can be somewhere for Ferragosto so that I don’t have to sit at home and watch the news broadcasting how much fun everyone is having on the beach!!

ps..Anyone looking for an apartment?? There’s one for sale in this building! (Mom & Dad!!)

the best thing is……

it’s right across the street from a gelateria!!

3 thoughts on “CLOSED for Ferie!

  1. WOW! You weren't kidding, when you said everybody is on vacation. Tell Carlo, Torino looks like Death Valley now. What happened to all the parked cars, they went too. Does that mean there's nobody in the apartments. That's scary! It's hard to believe, there's no cars in the streets! Me piace il apartamento. Would be nice to live there, especially in front of the gelateria.


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