Rodirugez Family visits Torino!

*disclaimer- I apologize for not posting this earlier but.. i’m on vacation. (i know i’ve been on vacation since i got here but, it’s August! All of Italy is on vacation) to find out who the Rodriguez family is… click here for their mention in the Milan post.

Last month, (July 24th to be exact) our friends Bert, Luisa & Sarah took the train from Milan and came to visit us in Torino. While Carlo was at work, I took them around the city for a tour.

Our first stop was the Duomo. Torino’s Duomo is dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. (St. John the Baptist)

It was actually closed for lunch so we went across the street…

to Porte Palatine.

Sarah, Bert & Luisa at Porte Palatine

Once the church opened back up, we went inside to see the Sacra Sindone or… The Holy Shroud. The Duomo claims to have the Shroud that was used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ at the time of his death.

There are several groups claiming it’s authenticity as well as research groups claiming the cloth was not around until the Middle Ages. The shroud has been involved in two fires, one during the Middle Ages and the other in 1997. To read more about the Shroud.. click here.

After the Duomo, we walked through the grounds of the Palazzo Reale and made our way to Palazzo Madama.

Luisa & Bert

me, Luisa & Sarah inside the Palazzo Madama

Making our way to the River Po, we made a quick stop at The Mole and rode the elevator to the Observation Deck.

Sarah & Bert at the Mole.

One of my favorite spots to see in Torino is the Po river. It’s the largest river in Italy and we’re lucky enough to have it run through our city.

the Gran Madre

Sarah, Bert & Luisa in front of the Po river & Monte dei Cappuccini

As we made our way back into centro, Carlo met up with us and was able to spend some quality time with Bert.

Carlo & Bert in Piazza Carlo Alberto

Before leaving Torino, there’s one thing we HAD to do……

Bert & Luisa read our blog (Thanks guys!) and were very excited to seethefamousGrom that I talk about ALL of the time! So, it was only natural that we take the necessary pictures todocumentanothergelatoatGrom!

enjoying our gelato in Piazza Carignano

Sarah couldn’t resist the urge to have another Gelato so, I took her to Pepino (another gelateria located in Piazza Carignano) and we brought back another one for Luisa!

To finish off our day, we walked through Piazza San Carlo
down Via Roma..
and took the Metro back to Porta Susa…

Carlo and I were extremely happy that the Rodriguez Family were able to come to Torino. (for the next 2 days… that’s all we talked about) Their visit was much too short and we’re really looking forward to seeing them again. (Save those pennies!!! Bert- Carlo is already talking about going hiking with you! Luisa- I found some more shoe stores for you!!)

2 thoughts on “Rodirugez Family visits Torino!

  1. Ciao, Sarah, Luisa and Bert. Glad you made it to Torino. I just know you had fun. Your pictures are great and you had the best tour guide, by now she knows her way around. She probably has been to all those places more times, than the locals have. I'll send you the Daily Light, just as soon as the picture come out.


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