I love it when the Pizza is bigger than my head!

A couple of weeks ago, Carlo took me to one of his favorite Pizzerie. He warned me about the size of the pizza and said it would be bigger than usual.

Bigger than a usual pizza??

Here’s a pizza from Otto e tre quarti (8-3/4)

Looks pretty big right?Here’s the pizza from Lapislazzulo

It’s about 20-30% BIGGER than 8-3/4and here’s another just to make my point…
I very highly recommend this place… if you’re starving. I still can’t believe I ate it all.


Via Luigi Cibrario, 14
10144 Torino, (Piemonte), Italy


011 485661

2 thoughts on “I love it when the Pizza is bigger than my head!

  1. Mamma Mia! Thatsa Big Pizza! Your father said, How come they didn't take us there. Like he would have ate the whole thing. He didn't even finish his pizza! Sure looks good! I can't believe you ate the whole thing! Did you have gelato for dessert?


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