Hiking Superga

Yes, you read correctly. I hiked up the hill to Superga and it went like this….

A few months ago, Carlo started his weekly hiking trips with a friend of his. We had planned to go to Superga back in June but, we kept changing our plans due to weather or other events. We consulted his Alpine hiking book and I picked the route I thought would be best. It said that is was 1-1/2 hours one way. So, we took the bust to San Mauro Torinese. Our starting point was La Chiesa di Santa Anna.

The bus dropped us off just a few feet from the church and the trail. Via delle Pietre is the where the trail begins. All the trails are marked with corresponding number. Our trail number was 62 so, we made sure to follow all of those signs.

Carlo took control of the camera the entire hike. So, this is the only picture of me that you will see before reaching Superga. After 5 minutes, the glasses were off and I was no longer smiling.

As Carlo stopped to take pictures of berries and bugs, I kept going as much as I could and then stopping to catch my breath. I didn’t know that my hike would be so hard. It wasn’t until the day before that Carlo told me the trails on this hill were steep. (at that point, i should have picked another trail)

Each time I stopped to rest, I kept thinking how much longer we had till we reached the top. We were actually making good time, so we slowed down a bit and made more stops for me to catch my breath.

It’s hard to tell from this pictures how steep the trail is. I had to climb up the trail a few times because I would have tripped or fallen if I wasn’t careful.

But we finally made it to Superga. I asked Carlo to take a Victory picture of me. While he was taking the pictures, I felt like Rocky and I even had the theme song in my head.

We rested for about 30 minutes or so before we made our way down a different trail. At this time, Carlo asked me about a comment I had made on the way up. I was looking forward to the downhill part, except that this trail was even more steep that the one we took going up.

We stopped at this funny looking tree to take some pictures when another hiker past us. He must have been about 50 and he also had walking sticks with him. I’ll just say that he put me to shame. He was practically running up the hill.

We continued on our way when we heard a noise. It was the man wehadpast earlier. This time he was coming down the trail with his walking sticks. This guy was flying down the trail. I thought he was going to fall because he was going so fast. I, ontheotherhand, was going down likean oldlady.

We finally made it down the hill and walked through some of the quaint streets on SanMauraTorinese. We saw this house for sale and thought it would be perfect for someone in our family. (hint… Mom & Dad or Jose & Lizzy) Carlo and I can come on the weekends and take care of it for y’all.

One our way to the bus stop, we crossed a pedestrian bridge for a great view of the river/rivers and The Mole Antonelliana. This is wear the river Dora Ripiara and the Po river meet. Then it continues as the Po where it then travels through Italy and ends up in Venice.

I was so tired that I didn’t want to take a walk on the bridge but I’m glad I did. It was so relaxing and it had great views of the river and the hills. At the end of the bridge is a fountain and a park were many of the locals were hanging out, riding bikes and having picnics.

On the bridge, I got a good look at the hill that was so challenging to me. I can’t believe I hiked it! I don’t know was worse… hiking Superga or Sacra di San Michele.

For my great efforts, Carlo treated me to a gelato. It was so hot that I just had to have one. I chose ananas e coco. (pineapple and coconut) I am not a huge fan of fruit flavors but.. this was really good. It cooled me off and filled me up.

I just hope Carlo keeps buying me gelato after every hike.. If not, then we’re going to have problems.

3 thoughts on “Hiking Superga

  1. WOW! I'm so glad you made it up and down without any problems. That's a very high hill or mountain. I got tired and out of breath just climbing to Superga, when we got off the tram, and that was only 18 min from departure to arrival. You climbed 3.1 km in 1 hr & one half? You were up 425 meters vertical high. ( doing my homework) Too bad you didn't get a blue ribbon award for walking to Superga (like the one I have for walking to the Timpanogos Cave, remember that one?) One thing for sure it's worth going up there to Superga, It's beautiful and breathtaking. Auguri! Attenta! “Ti Fai Male”


  2. I love your blog. So many amazing adventures that I’m so glad to be able to read about. I am planning on doing the hike tomorrow and was wondering, how long did it take you to get to the top? Thanks for sharing!


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