For out last trip we went to Milano which is less than 2 hours away on the train. I have only been to Milano once before and I enjoyed it but, I also felt that I saw everything it had to offer. This time, I feel like there’s so much more I need to see that I am already planning another trip.

Arriving at Milano Centrale we started looking for the hotel where our friends were staying at. We walked around a bit just taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

Once we met up with our friends……Bert, Luisa & Sarah Rodriguez we spent some time at the hotel lobby relaxing and talking. Bert and Carlo worked together at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth. A few weeks ago, Bert sent us an email letting us know he was going to be in Milan on business. Luckily, his wife and daughter were able to come along for the trip. While Bert had to stay at the hotel for more meetings, we all went out to see the sights. Another friend of ours came along with us. Sherrill also used to work with Carlo and was part of the Lockheed trip to Milan.
First stop… The Duomo!

No matter how many times I see it… it’s always breathtaking.Of course… we had to visit the Galleria!

I love being at the Galleria even thought I can’t afford ANYTHING in there…. I’m sure even McDonald’s is out of my price range!!

Since it’s Milano, AND we’re at the Galleria… EVERYONE has to spin on the bull! I went first and showed them how to do it. The key is to spin really fast.

What you do is put your heel on the bull’s privates… and spin around fast. It’s supposed to bring Good Luck.

It would have been really simple if the metal piece was on it. Instead, we were spinning on a concrete hole.




We saw the statue of Leonardo Da Vinci which is located in Piazza Scala

which is located across the street for the World Famous… La Scala Opera House

One thing we were told was a must see was the Castello Sforzesco which is a very short walk from the Duomo.

Via Dante

The fountain in front of the Castle

This castle is GINORMOUS!! It was one of the coolest thing I’ve seen on this trip.

After walking around the castle, we rested a bit out side by the fountains and watched the people go by. Sherrill even spotted this rainbow in the fountain so, we all tried to get a picture of it.

We ended our excursion with gelato (of course) and spent some time at the hotel lobby again before having to catch our train back to Torino. I was so glad to be able to spend time with our Texas friends in my new country. Unfortuntely, Carlo had to work so, he wasn’t able to be with us in Milan BUT…. Bert and Luisa did plan a day trip to Torino!

2 thoughts on “Milano

  1. Milano is beautiful! The Duomo is breathtaking. I'm glad this time we went in. It is huge and beautiful. The Castle is something else! I'm glad Sonia and Carlo's friends Luisa, Sarah and Sherill were able to join us for the day. The Gelato was Delicious. What a Fun Day!


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