One thing people usually want to see when they come to Italy is the Torre di Pisa. So, it’s no surprise when my mom and dad said the wanted to go to Pisa. I’ve never been myself so, It was great to finally experience something new… together. After arriving at Pisa Centrale, we made our way to find the Tower.

Without using a map.. (but we consulted one before leaving the station) we went in search of the Torre. It was actually easy.. just follow everyone else.

The train ride from Torino is almost 5 hours so, we decided to get something to eat before going any further. I introduced my parents to the goodness that is a Turkish Kebab!….AND THEY LOVED IT!

With our stomachs full and happy.. we kept on walking. We came across this Roman ruin and studied it for a while when I turned my head and noticed it….

La Torre di Pisa!

It was so croweded but then again.. so are all tourist destinations. It was so cool to FINALLY see the Leaning Tower. I could not stop looking at it… it was so wierd. We didn’t have time to actually go up to the tower, the church or the Baptistry. Hopefully next time.. I will.

My dad and I refused to pose with my mom. We were NOT going to be like everyone else.

While souvenir shopping, I couldn’t help but turn around and keep looking at the Piazza dei Miracoli (Plaza of Miracles) I just could not believe I was actually in Pisa!

Walking back to the train station, we crossed the Arno River and had a great time looking at the city.

Santa Maria della Spina

If youeverhave the opportunity… Please… go to Pisa. It is something special that you’ll never forget…… but PLEASE…. don’t be like these people…..

how many people can you count doing “the pose”??


3 thoughts on “Pisa

  1. Wow! I can't believe you hadn't been yet! Great pictures! That's funny about nobody wanting to pose with your mom! I'm surprised he posed with her for the Waxahachie Daily Light pic!


  2. Bella Pisa! I'm so glad we got to go to Pisa. I've heard about it since my brother was in the Army in the early 60's. He took many pics. of his vacation, while stationed in Europe. He would be happy to know I finally went to Italy. He had Italian records, that I would listen to, and I said, someday I'm going to Italy. Dream come true, 2nd time to Italy. Grazie Mille to Carlo and Sonia.


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