Must Do in Torino

If you’ve been reading the past posts about all of our visitors, you notice 1 thing… EVERYONE goes to the Mole Antonelliana. It is the symbol of our city and one of my favorite places to go for a great view of the city. The only problem is that every time we have guests… the weather is not the best for a good view……UNTIL NOW!

The day we went on the CitySightseeing tour.. it rained A LOT. So, the next day, we woke up to perfectly clear sunny skies!! So, instead of going to Milan like we planned, we decided to go to the Mole and Superga.

First, we headed to Superga. My dad had been asking all week when we would be able to go. I’m so glad that we finally had good enough weather to enjoy the view.

Waiting for our tram, we took a peek at the Sassi-Superga museum. On display they had an old trolley as well as other memorabilia from GTT’s past.

Once our trolley arrived, we enjoyed a short, scenic ride up the hill to the Basilica.

Perhaps you might see us on an episode of “Whatever show this guy is on”. They were filming while we were on the trolley and the guy in the black was explaining stuff to the guy wearing light blue.

After the trolley ride, it was just a quick walk up the trail until we reached the Basilica di Superga.

The Basilica is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. It’s got a great story and you can read about it here.

My dad and I went up to the Observation deck of the church to check out the view of the valley below.

After coming down the stairs, we had a picnic lunch and walked around the church grounds.
We also saw the crash site where Grande Torino soccer team died in 1949.
The plane crashed in the back of the church.

I stopped for a quick drink of water before heading back down the trail to wait for the trolley to take us back down the hill.

Next, we made our way to The Mole by taking the tram to Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

I was especially happy to be at the Mole this time around because we finally had clear skies to enjoy the view.
Superga – from the Mole
Piazza Vittorio Veneto- from the Mole

The current exhibition at the Mole is ‘Cannes Cinema: 50 years of the Cannes film festival’

After a beautiful day with beautiful scenery… we ended our night at La Luna Rosa Pizzeria.

…of course we followed it with gelato at Grom!

2 thoughts on “Must Do in Torino

  1. The tram to Superga is so neat, and relaxing, because the view is breathtaking. It took us about 15 min or more to get up there. I kinda wanted to join you going to the observation deck, but my heart kept telling me No! I enjoyed the picnic lunch and the desert. Grazie, Sonia. Tutti bello! The Mole is a must see! The view of Torino is Beautiful. Looking down always makes me dizzy! My Pizza was delicious, I ate the whole thing! After all the walking to Grom, I was ready for GELATO! The giorno was gorgeous! After, we got on the Subway and got off on our stop, I was glad to see and was ready for Mas Agua!


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