CitySightseeing Torino

As many times as I have been to Torino (before the move) I never thought about doing a bus tour.. that is until my parents said they wanted to. So, one cloudy day… we hopped on the CitySightseeing Torino tour bus.

For 15 euros per person, you get an hour long tour of the city. Carlo and I took a tour on a bus when we were in NYC and loved it. The only bad part was the our guide was annoying AND it was so crowded and loud that sometimes you couldn’t hear him. This company has their audio tour pre-recorded in 6 different languages. So everyone gets their own headphones and plugs in to their individual speaker box and chooses the language of their choice.

Everytime I see this bus downtown, there are notalot of people BUT if it’s raining or a cloudy day.. it’s always full! Our tour was kinda empty but when our hour was up.. it had gotten full!

We started our tour at the beginningwhich is at PiazzaCastello behind the PalazzoMadama. I always take pictures of the front of the Palazzo but never post pictures of the back.. so here you go! The PalazzoMadama has been many things over the years.. one of them being a castle. When itwas being converted into a residence the project was never finished. So the front is a really beautiful palace.. the back a castle.. it’s so fun to look at!

This tour takes you around the city and highlightsall of the major attractions such as the River Po.. which iscurrently being worked on.. I’m not sure if they’re making a spillway or what their doing now.

Crossing over the river we passed the GranMadre diDio. I will now apologize for the bad pictures since cable wires and bars on the bus are in the way of a good picture.

One place I haven’t been to yet is Parco del Valentino. Not because I don’t want to but, it’s so big that I: a) don’t want to go alone & b) Carlo doesn’t want me to go alone because it’s not the safest place to be..especially when it gets dark. So, I was able to finally see the Borgo Medievale.

We past by our main train station.. Porta Nuova which is currently being renovated. Torino has several small stations, one being Porta Susa. PS is also under contruction and when finished it will serve as the main station. At which time, PN will be turned into a shopping center. (that’s what I hear anyway)

Passing by Via Garibaldi, we saw the Juventus store. Sorry to the Torino FC fans.. no picture of that store.

I was really impressed with the tour and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Torino. Next time, I think I’ll ask Carlo to come with me. We start in the morning and actually Hop Off at the places I haven’t seen yet.. then Hop back on the next bus that comes by.
Once you’re done, stop by one of the many Gelaterie in Piazza Castello for treat… maybe some Nutella gelato!

2 thoughts on “CitySightseeing Torino

  1. It's always nice to see your hometown through the eyes of visitors. I was thinking we should do a little sightseeing in Katy because we have never even walked around downtown or seen any of the historic sites. Gives you a little more appreciation for where you live!


  2. We really enjoyed this tour. We got to see the other side of the Po River. It is so beautiful up there. Next time we'll take a whole day and get off at the stops and explore and get on the bus again. It was worth paying the 45 euros for the 3 of us. A night tour would be fun and relaxing! There's so much to see and Torino is beautiful, especially from your bacony, YaYa!


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