The local scene

As I had mentioned before, my dad said he wanted to be a local for the next 2 weeks while in Italy. So, like all locals, I had them go to the Mercato to check out daily life in my neighborhood. They absolutely fell in love with it. I wanted them just to walk through but, they wanted to look at EVERYTHING!

in front of the flower stand
this is wrong on so many levels…i just had to take a picture

my neighborhood market

Once I finally got them out of the Mercato, we headed downtown to see the usual sights.

Piazza Palazzo di Citta’

Duomo di Torino
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Porte Palatine

the original city map of Augusta Taurinorum
named for Caesar Augustus

we told my dad not to get too close to the cars… or touch them since we were standing in the parking lot of the Commissary of Public Security

Piazza Castello
my dad kissing my mom

After a bit of walking, down Via Po, we went to Caffe Fiorio for a bathroom break and to get some gelato of course. As soon as I saw the bathroom, I changed my mind and just washed my hands…. there is no way I’m using this….

I love going to Caffe’ Fiorio for several reason… but the main is because of it’s history. It’s one of the oldest caffe’s in Torino. The decor is beautiful with red velvet & gold detailing on the walls and of course.. the gelato. Now, I still think Grom is better BUT… they have THE BEST hot chocolate in Torino.

i can’t remember what this was called but, it’s gianduja with cream gelato

ananas flambe’

gianduja gelato

My mom loved all of the walking we did, my dad…not so much. He felt tired but still kept up with us. I even took it easy on them and had them rest for an hour while I went to a meeting. At the end of the day, they were both in love with my new city!

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