1st weekend wrap-up

My parents 1st weekend in Torino was great! After coming back from our trip to Aosta, we met our friends Fabio & Mary for Pizza & gelato! We went to our favorite Pizzeria.. Otto e tre quarti! (or… 8-3/4… as the sign reads)

Mom loves Margherita Pizza
Carlo & Fabio
Dad was a bit adventurous and tried Salmon on his pizza
the Newlyweds~ Fabio & Mary

After dinner we went for a walk to show the parents downtown Torino at night.

in Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo at night

There’s only one place we go after Pizza…. that’s right…GROM!

check out the HUGE line at Grom

Sunday, we spent the morning at Church. My parents had a great time listening to the services in Italian and getting to know everyone in my ward.

Torino 2nd Ward Missionaries
Mom & Dad at Church

Later that evening, Carlo and I took my parents to our Sunday night hot spot for some more gelato.

i LOVE these water fountains
Mom stopped to get a drink of water.

mom & dad with their SMALL gelati.
It has been a successful weekend with food, gelato & friends…. but that’s just the beginning!

3 thoughts on “1st weekend wrap-up

  1. We really enjoyed Aosta. It's so beautiful. Pizza was great. I'm glad Fabio and Mary joined us for Pizza and gelato. Can't believe it was midnight and we were still walking downtown. Can't do this in Dallas! We enjoyed attending Church and listening to the services in Italian. The Sunday evening walk was great and so was the gelato. What a weekend!


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